Behind every great leader is… a powerful Sankulpa!

Regardless of position, power or title, we’re all leaders in this world. It’s about how we show up with ourselves, others and in community. A clear Sankulpa is about deeply understanding the Why around “how you show up”.  Each person is on this earth for a reason. 

A Sanskrit term, Sankulpa, means “a connection with the highest truth, a vow, an affirming resolve to do something or achieve something spiritual.”  In December my professional tasks focused on goals, strategic plans and partnerships, important for keeping any entity viable and growing.  Yet without a “rasion d’être” the planning would have felt like more cerebral stuff, more noise, junk.  Motivation doesn’t come from junk!   

What does A Sankulpa have to do with travel? Travel leadership means helping clients align the Inner and Outer to actualize their dreams. What matters most about a trip drives our client conversations. We want the trip to be meaningful every time. To discern the true “Must Have’s” versus checking off a destination’s “To Do” list, we integrate thoughtful questions and processes into the planning.

Not sure about your Sankulpa this year (and or for years to come)? Yesterday two LinkedIn friends, #SamanthaHartley  and #JanelleOrion proposed identifying one word that encapsulates your intention for 2021. This feels close to honing a sankulpa. Write your an intention for the year, aka, what you’re hoping to accomplish in your “work”, and then take a step back.  Reread the copy and identify a key word.  Notice a verb, adjective or noun that pops.

My word is Joy, for 2020, last year, this year and next. We work hard to create the right itinerary matched with a client’s intention. Why? To create Joy (and Peace, Inner knowing and Certitude). We want travelers to inherently know and feel that they’re in the right place! When in alignment, wherever that is physically and spiritually, we’re able to access well-being. 

There. You know our guiding force, our Sankulpa, why Spirit Road Travel exists: JOY.

What is your Sankulpa this year?

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