The itch is huge. The travel bug relentless. The wanderlust fervent. “We so want to travel”…”I can’t wait to travel again”… “You name it. I’m there!”

Despite the need to wait a little longer (until the current testing protocols are comfortable or you’ve had the vaccine), it’s not too soon to quell pent-up desires and make your plans. We don’t doubt that your destination list is very long. 

How will you decide?  We offer some suggestions to hone your travel choices.

Looking back while looking forward.  After last year, you know Where You’re From.

My Wheres include:

Back Bowl cirque. Hollering and Accelerating skies into white fluffy stuff. Physically demanding, spiritually uplifting, peaceful. Colorado Rocky Mountains. This is Where.

Large gongs from the Freiburg Munster (cathedral) Jogging my way to fresh Brotchen (rolls). Breakfasting and conversing for hours around the table. This is Where.

The green cushion beckons. Surrounded by windows, an almost 360 view of the treetops. Hopeful morning light. This is Where. 

Identify your “Wheres”, the Where You’re From-type Where. These  are the “places” that stay with you forever whether you travel or not. Refer to the New York Times  “52 Places To Love in 2021” article, a poignant list. Feel peace from these places, your special “Go To’s”, and let your heart settle. Travel will come again. Soon.  And, this time it’s about what you desire!

Let 2020 inform you about your next journey. “Why do you need to travel all the time”, asked my mom. Even traveling to the basement was a different experience. What experiences garner your gratitude?  Perhaps it was a new walk in your town or a quick day visit to a local attraction. Maybe it was pouring hot water over fresh ground coffee directly into the cup, a new morning ritual. 

Broaden the definition for a “place”  and consider where and when you felt most at ease and what lifted your spirits. When you travel again this learning will inform your decision about what matters most. 

Remember your Favorite Places from past trips, those destination that

have made an imprint on your soul. Before deciding where to travel next, click through photos and perhaps print some of the images to remind you about the moments that caught your attention. Understanding the Why will inform the Where.

Perhaps in 2021 you’ll take a longer journey or more than one trip. Understanding your intention will help you whittle down your list and choose  with ease what to do this year and next (and at Spirit Road Travel we like to make long-term plans for your travel future, just like a financial planner. Let us know if you want to create your Life Dream Travel Plan). There are so many possibilities close to home as well as abroad.

Anticipate. Let the “I can’t wait any longer” desires rise to the top. It’s ok. Anticipation is exciting.  Most of us imagine traveling again this Fall. Honestly September will be here before you know it. Planning is part of the joy of travel. Anticipation is a delightful antidote for the need to be patient.

At Spirit Road Travel we make sure to align the Inner and Outer, the places that call to you, your “Wheres”, nearby and or far away.  What are your “Wheres” for 2021?  

We have tons of ideas.  Connect and explore with us. We can’t wait!
#Let’s Go There #52PlacesToLovein2021  

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