Since the news of a vaccination was announced there’s been an increase in travel bookings* and a beginning of a re-emergence. How many of you have already considered: 

  • Those places you miss?
  • Those places you want to return to?
  • Those places you want to explore for the first time- because NOW is the time.

It took the pandemic for us to realize how much we’ve taken journeying for granted. It was so easy just to go!

Travel will look different. Although the industry will recover and evolve in new and innovative ways, after months traveling At Home, we’re different!

How Will Travel Be Different?

Gratitude and Presence: Consider your next trip and the feeling of boarding the plane to go somewhere, to one of those places you miss, for example.  Won’t you feel grateful? The anticipation will be huge.  All of your senses heightened.  With gratitude presence ensues.

You’ll be noticing and appreciating everything! This means a kinder and more compassionate traveler conscious of our shared humanity and impact on the communities we visit.

Quality over Quantity: Instead of flitting here and there we’ll choose one or two places and immerse ourselves. We’ll stay longer. We’ll seek out authentic experiences away from the crowd. **

The “crossing things off our list” will also be less important*** . We’re life-long explorers whether At Home or Far Away.

Actualize What’s On Our List: The pent-up demand for travel has translated into the desire for more Once In A Lifetime trips. Why wait? In addition to older every year, we understand from the pandemic that uncertainty is part of life. Therefore we want to take action and actualize our travel dreams as soon as feasible. Don’t put off those Life Dream Trips. Listen to what’s calling.

Meaningful Experiences & Spaciousness: What is an experience if not (1) an imprint on the soul, (2) a place- inspiring, grace-full, of gratitude and joy, thrilling to the senses and emotions, (3) a memory that you return to again and again.  We’ll be more conscious about our choices – more deliberate, more thoughtful especially around the itinerary’s Where, What and With Whom.  

With a “bigger picture” perspective travel will feel more spacious.

At Spirit Road Travel we help clients identify their intention. Joy happens in travel when our Inner and Outer selves align. It’s a good time to book and feel secure about your travel investment. Policies across the industry are more flexible.  

Not sure where to start? Begin by exploring the Spirit Road Travel booking engine or creating a Wanderlist for your next destination. When you’re ready let’s brainstorm (Book time HERE) and create the most aligned and memorable journey possible. Every trip is a Life Dream Trip or Well-Being Gem!

*According to Dnata Travel Group recent data collection; **A LinkedIn partner, Tobin Slaven of SalesMAP referred to this change as “authenticity over crowds”.; ***Thank you John Hittler for talking about the travel list!)

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