The Great & Memorable Migration of Your Life


Nairobi, Loisaba Conservancy, Lewa Conservancy, Maasai Mara Game Reserve


August 2021
August is the best time to witness The Great Migration
10-14 days (less or more is also possible)
Kenya, close to the equator, is a year-round destination


You’re ready to venture to a new continent and are tired of hearing about your friends’ adventures on safari. You enjoy the outdoors, nature and wildlife. Kenya is a destination that’s been in your psyche for years. Think open plains of the Masai Mara.

As a tourist, you’re interested in seeing The Big Five while equally curious about local communities, culture and sustainability.

You want to celebrate a birthday, an accomplishment and or give the gift of travel to your children and grandchildren. No one will forget this trip!

Adventurers, Active, Multi-Gen Families, Small Group of Close Friends seeking New Horizons

(Two or more people required for travel)  


As you travel afar you’ll be migrating in mind, body and spirit, visiting breathtaking landscapes, interacting with new environments and ways of life and viewing a volume of wildlife. You’ll experience safari life. But on this journey, there’s more. We’ll also explore the cultures more deeply, our impact as travelers and how our visit fits into the delicate equilibrium between the environment, the wildlife and humanity.

Whenever traveling we want to understand what others hold dear, what and how our global citizens celebrate, and what gives life meaning. In Kenya, we will travel to find what we have in common and how we differ.

Although the world feels smaller all the time,  On Safari your life lens will broaden.


  • Every trip is customizable!  This is a sample list of what’s included:
    • Visit (1) the Giraffe Center, headquarters for the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife and “home” of Daisy, the famous Rothschild giraffe; (2) The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation program, (3) A visit to the Karen Blixen Museum.
    • Game drives from Kifaru House with one of the biggest rhino populations in Kenya, Big 5 and the rare Grevy’s zebra, all set against the magnificent backdrop of Mt. Kenya. “Sundowner” included!
    • Witness the Great Migration on the Masai Mara with millions of wildebeest and zebras and predators, aka, lions, leopards, cheetahs and so many other animals and birds it’s hard to keep count. Your camp is well-located for exceptional game viewing, on the banks of the Sand River.


  • Ahead of your safari spend a couple of nights at Giraffe Manor, home to some endangered Rothschild’s giraffes who might join you for breakfast (needs to be booked at least a year in advance)!
  • On Safari, at Loisaba spend a night (or two) under the open skies in the original Star Beds 
  • After or before your safari, hike Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro with a private guide, porters, chefs.  Bring your serious adventure friends and make it a small group!
  • Wrap up your journey with a visit to Tanzania’s beautiful beaches on the exotic island of Zanzibar (and don’t forget to visit Stone Town, the birthplace of Freddy Mercury) for a spice tour at the bustling market
  • Spend three nights trekking in Rwanda and fall in love with the gorillas and this most pristine un-commercialized destination.


Visits to private conservancies provide freedom to safari on your own timetable without crowds


On a Kenyan itinerary incorporate the work of the “Land and Life Foundation” in the areas you will be visiting 

African Travel Inc supports work of The Treadright Foundation. Through the foundation’s  “Make Travel Matter” initiative it supports over 55 sustainability projects ( around the world.


On Safari at Sand River Camp, a hot air balloon flight over the plains is a “Must Do”. The astounding view of the Great Migration will be embedded in your mind forever.


Starting at $12,677

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