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As communities open and time marches forward the universe is posing this question to all of us: Where will your next journey take you?  Not sure how to “Dream In Travel” again? Download the free app, “Wanderlist” and easily brainstorm future experiences unique to you! 

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What is Wanderlist®?

Wanderlist® lets you create “wow-inducing” lists organized by location or purpose.  No strings, selling, obligations, gimmicks attached. Just sweet dreaming.

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We’re your Long-Term Travel Planner making sure your dreams happen (like your Financial Planner but for travel)!

Wanderlist Planning - Spirit Road Travel

What does the Wanderlist Planning Process look like? With an innovative platform and collaborating with Virtuoso, a luxury travel platform, we:

  • Organize all participants dreams 
  • Compile the data and review our findings
  • Design and present an extensive travel portfolio (including preliminary costs and suggested timing)
  • Review constantly and update annually.