It’s not always easy to step ahead. We become trapped in difficulties unable to see a way through to a different, healthier outlook.

Although striving to embrace change these days, many of us feel stuck. We strive to adapt yet still feel unsure, anxious and “going nowhere” in relationships, careers and life-dreams.

Similarly for the longest time booking travel was at a standstill. Business was stuck! Spirit Road Travel struggled. There seemed to be no way to change things. Planes were grounded and countries closed. Stay or leave this career? How much longer can we run a deficit? So much felt out of control. What can we do? Ugh!  Sound familiar?

How might we manage uncertainty, adapt and take the Next Step Forward?  

Here are three of our favorite practices to help you forge ahead.*  We did On the Spirit Road and we hope you can too!

1. Strengthen Emotional Awareness

Steps next to a Roman Aqueduct,
Amalfi, Italy

You still can’t believe your situation. Remote work continues. The office is empty. Zoom calls reign the day. Covid continues to interfere with life. Interactions can be so normal and then so not normal…

Difficulties become your story. Negative thoughts dominate. Your amygdala, aka, the brain’s alarm system, mobilizes attention towards these challenging emotions inhibiting perspective, losing touch with what you know to be true and reassuring. “Emotions become (your) existence.”

Just like clouds floating along in the sky, emotions are experiences and not the sky.

Create space to differentiate and filter your emotions. You can’t deny these feelings. The emotions are real. However, take a step back and realize that you have power to choose how much the feelings control decision-making and actions.

Practice: Head, body and Heart Micro-practice

To create a moment of “higher-resolution,” self-awareness, anytime, anywhere, try out a three breaths, Head, Body and Heart Micro-practice.  

  • On Breath #1 check in with your head and notice “what thoughts are present?”
  • On Breath #2 check in with the body, aka, your intuition and gut, and ask, “what emotions are present?
  • On Breath #3 check in with you heart, aka, your values and intentions and ask, “What’s important right now?”. 
  • After checking in with the head, body and heart ask, “how do I want to shop up in this moment?”

2. Acceptance Means Increased Self-Compassion

Steps with Dogs, Brooklyn Heights

Often we beat ourselves up when in a difficult situation. We’re unkind and not a friend to ourselves. To open our heart and mind means a willingness to accept emotions as they are and realize that a situation is a situation and not a reflection of ineffectiveness. 

Let the clouds be in the sky.

Self-compassion is about not over-identifying with emotions (as mentioned above); recognizing that suffering and challenges are part of a shared human experience versus something being wrong with you; offering oneself kindness.

Practice: Here’s a journal practice for cultivating acceptance and self-compassion:

  • Imagine writing a letter to yourself from a close friend or mentor. This person knows you well, understands you and wants the best for you.
  • For five minutes explore the following question:”What would this person say to you about the challenges and opportunities you are facing?”. 
  • After five minutes take one minute to review what you wrote.  If you like, circle anything that stands out.  
  • Remember that this exercise is for you only. It’s not a test. There is not a right or wrong answer and you don’t need to share it with anyone. Enjoy being a friend to yourself.

3. Non-Striving

Steps Along The Coast

We work hard at our lives and sometimes things don’t go as planned.That’s ok.

You still “rock it”. Stay “you” and know that even if you can’t ignite change, you’re enough.

Stay in the light and feeling of already having what you want and keep letting go of the struggle.  

Practice: Acceptance Micro-practice 

  • In stealth mode, at any challenging moment, when those annoying negative thoughts and emotions arise, say to yourself: “Breathing in, I do my best; breathing out, I let go of the rest.”

There are times in our lives as travelers on this earth that we struggle to take the Next Step Forward. Managing our emotions, giving ourselves compassion and realizing that we’re amazing, unique humans regardless of challenges will help us become unstuck.

As life unwinds and you live in its full beauty, we wish you joy and resilience On The Spirit Road.

Giving Yourself Self-Compassion is Like a Beautiful Bouquet of Roses

*Practices are from the “Search Inside Yourself” training in emotional intelligence offered by SIY Global.

I’m a SIY Global Certified Teacher. The SIY program has impacted my life in the most amazing ways, helping me strengthen self-awareness and management, cultivate resilience and leadership skills and relational connection and joy in life.

Contact me to learn more about this training program or creating any transformational travel experience!.

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