There was a “pack rat” within. Although not a normal tendency I discovered a pile of paper momentos in a covert pocket. On a recent trip, each day after an outing, I’d throw receipts, maps, tickets, menus, matchboxes, business cards, random scraps into a hidden backpack compartment. Whether now or later, the trash can was inevitably calling. 

Was any of this stuff even worth the time investment to review? Curiosity won. I’d find out. With a turmeric latte in hand, I spread the pile onto the cafe’s table and began to recollect.

Travel memories charged back lavishing my brain with happy thoughts. Sifting through the papers reminded my about memorable experiences. We were spoiled by so many. 

The accounting made sense, too- the trip was worth every penny. Gratitude surfaced. Yes, climbing the pile was worth it! If you’re interested in learning more about travel to the Amalfi Coast, check out the “Amalfi Travel Pile” below for more details. 

Piles hold information, good, bad, neutral. You find them in many places: next to the bed, in the kitchen, on your desk, the basement, at the entry to an abode (think junk mail). 

The Book Pile

To have so many stacks can cause embarrassment. After awhile you stop noticing the “decoration”. You know that co-worker who dispenses with a piece of paper efficiently (never holding more than one time) or has digital files superbly organized? Argh! That talent is not granted to many of us and it’s ok. 

Box Pile

Often we’re just too busy. We’re unable to keep up with the stuff. Before we know it, extras just hang around.

The good news? Collections contain gems.

It’s never too late to let go.

It’s alway possible to clear out the “stuff.

Clarity happens when we deliberately take a look.

Or, just throw it out. 

No reason to protect a bunch of “who knows what” in your space. You live in the moment and that’s enough. The stack stands alone. Ignored. You don’t need to review. Ditch the stuff. Now.

Be kind to yourself as you attempt to clear the decks whether it’s with a review or not. 

The Amalfi trip was rich! I knew it then and I know it again now. Thank you, Pile! 

What pile needs sorting? 

For us, probably only travel files will make the cut! 

What to feel empowered to clear your stacks? Wishing for a trip for clarity? Connect with us anytime for a free consultation.

Wise Piles from Your Travels Away – The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Pile- What a Treat to Sort!

“A sincere THANK YOU for having chosen the Bio Hotel Raphael- Relais & Chateaux for your visit to Rome! We hope you have found everything completely to your satisfaction and that you will accord us the honor and privilege of serving you again in the future.” – Roberto E. Vannoni

Relais & Chateaux
Bio Hotel Raphael

Your welcome, Roberto. We’d stay again. The Relais and Chateux brand is a favorite.

Ristorante La Piccola Cuccagna  dal 1950 *Ottima cucina romano * Sala Interna *

  • Rarely do we eat near a tourist attraction. Yet on our first night in Rome, after our transatlantic flight and a few hours of gleefully walking around, we ended up at the above Ristorante and it did not disappoint. Cozy outside patio, not too large and an enthusiastic waiter (not pushy; enthusiastic; genuinely happy to serve us) and delicious food capped the day. We started with a delicious red wine, Cooperate. The Bio Hotel Raphael was close by so we headed home relaxed, satisfied and ready for a good sleep. 
  • Next from a pile…a card with a painting by Salvaroe Frederico, Personal Art Gallery, Anacapri with a quote on the inside and back  :

“You can’t change everything one night, but one night can change everything.” – John Updike

“Never settle for less than your dreams.”

Caesar Augustus Hotel , Island of Capri

The card accompanied a beautiful fruit plate in our room upon arrival from the owners, Francesco, Paolo and Paticzia Signorini

Caesar August Hotel with co- family owner, Francisco Signorni
  • Sample paper (and a post card) for the Museo della Carta in Amalfi
  • Baggage receipts for storing our bags on the ferry from Naples to Capri
  • Tickets to the Blue Grotto- we arranged for a private boat tour around the Island of Capri @CirodeiMotorini 
  • A map of Pompei (a “never forget” place)
  • Ferry ticket from Postiano to Amalfi
  • Handwritten notes about being “pleased and honored” to welcome us
  • Documento Gestiónales (restaurant receipt)
  • Preview bill before check-out
  • Funicolare dei Capri tickets
  • Receipt for purchasing ceramics in Ravello – think cups for lattes
  • TrenItalia and .Italo train tickets 
  • Receipt for ticket to “Villa Amore” in Ravello 
  • Handwritten note welcoming us to La Posta Vecchia…”We wish you a pleasant stay at “Home”. signed Giulia Bargagli Petrucci
  • United Boarding passes
  • Agriturismo Sant’Alfoso receipt
  • Map of Furore
Trevi Fountain in Rome

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