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You rotate your body in a full circle. Eyes look upward at the mixed-media of clouds in the deep blue sky. The horizon is unending.

Red, yellow, white and brown rock captivate every ounce of attention. Ancient mounds as in 25 million years old lie scattered about the landscape as if just arriving.

You feel Wonder, Awe, Hushed. 

Chimney Rock

Words elude you. A moment arises inside when you know. You’re not alone. You’re cared for. The surroundings affirm your presence. There is reason for being on this earth. 

Although fully in your big human body with feet solidly planted on the maroon-muddy ground, you’re part of something so much more huge. There’s no collapsing in the humble. As small as you might be in relation to the whole, you’re equal in contribution and connection.

As it did for creatives like Georgio O’keefe, paleontologists, explorers, creatives, those seeking escape from a demanding world, Ghost Ranch in Abiquie, New Mexico inspired reverence recently. 

Red Muddy Road

Reverence is not “searchable”. You can’t make “awe” happen per se and not all of us have access to travel. 

Luckily reverence is not only about a “place”. Reverence is relational. 

To “Get There” you start with the people in your life. You begin by offering “deep respect” for all the “someones” and “somethings” crossing your path.

Reverence is when you know the person in front of you has an enormous life even if it’s not obvious on the outside and or the “achievement” scale.  Each person offers unique gifts.  The someone is a One unlike any other.

Reverence is when you feel grateful for the meeting, regardless of whether the interaction is long or short. You almost can’t believe the encounter happened. You know that each rendezvous holds promise.

Here are some suggestions for growing esteem in your life:

*Insert some Slow Time into your day.  Maybe it’s taking a sip of your coffee ever so deliberately and noticing the aroma and taste as it enters your body.  

*Must-slow-down; Pay attention to feelings that arise in your mind, body and spirit without becoming them. There’s information, good or bad, to be gleaned. Then release similar to a cloud floating past in the sky;

*Breathe more to settle yourself;

*Cultivate a quiet mind;

*Express “Thank you” often. It’s ok to Uber- thank you.

*Relish the small, less obvious. 

When we’re in a reverent “place” standing often in awe we’re reminded of a Namaste practice at the end of a yoga class. “Namaste” means “bowing to you”. In Hinduism “namaste” reflects the belief that “the divine and self is the same in you and me.”  This is how we “get there”, aka, arrive in reverence for one another.

Connect with me HERE to consider reverence, the wide expanse of Antartica (and the opportunity to travel there) or whatever else you’d like to explore.

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