Perhaps conversations have started, quick emails or phone calls about Thanksgiving plans, where to spend New Years, details for December’s holidays.

You already know…the Year-End is fast approaching with less than ten weeks left in 2022. Butterflies are active in your stomach. Your body tightens as you consider a shorter timeframe. 

At some point soon, we’ll want to look back and acknowledge the year. For now our focus is forward. 

What do you want to celebrate on December 31st? What’s one thing that deserves your attention between now and year’s end? Yes, we want to choose wisely, a plug for productivity.

Yet without self-care there’s no productivity.

If health declines what’s the point of your endeavors?

Health and vitality are your self-care’s Greatest Hits! 

On The Spirit Road we strive to cultivate health, vitality and inner peace, not just for the year-end but for all the time. Although maintaining well-being is sometimes difficult, we continually commit to our self-care journey. 

How might you end 2022 feeling lively and zestful? What will you choose to bolster self-care between now and the Year End? 

Here are a few basic choices to consider:

  1. Start with the most obvious, SLEEP. You know the amount of resting hours that truly make a difference.
  2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Since cold weather doesn’t make us thirsty it’s even more important to increase liquids, the healthy kind, especially water.
  3. Breathe often. Intersperse mindfulness throughout your day. 
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We care about your spirit on life’s road. Self-care is inherent in a happy life.

Looking for more ideas to cultivate The Inner Traveler, an emotionally-intelligent, kind citizen, leader and team member? 

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What’s one of your Greatest Hits for self-care that you want to deploy right now? 

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