“Nothing Is Too Good To Be True” is a headline from a 2010 fundraising newsletter that I published as nonprofit board-chair. Despite a difficult funding environment, the nonprofit achieved its financial goals because of trust.The steadfast board focused on the only possible outcome: fundraising every needed penny. 

When we’re on the road under a wide sky or uncovering a new place we imagine that everything is possible. As Gloria Steinem once said, “dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” 

So what about you…do you allow yourself to believe that “nothing is too good to be true”? 

We’re not saying that you should let yourself be suckered by greasy people making ridiculous promises. Or that you can perform miracles. 

You’re smart. You know that your happiness does not depend upon someone else’s where-with-all. 

It’s worth asking: 

How do you cultivate a deep belief that nothing is too good to be true?  

Right here, right now for this life?

Here are three “can-do” tips for having what you want On The Spirit Road:

1. The Feeling Tone

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Most likely your favorite positivity guru* has told you: be in the feeling tone of already having success (even if goals are not yet outwardly achieved). Imagine how success feels in your mind and body. For example, the fundraising board knew exactly how the money would be spent. Yes, money would be spent. Members budgeted the funding into the foundation’s programs and communicated with constituents about the benefits. So much excitement ensued. 

As Spirit Road Travel evolves we imagine spiritual, slow trips that enliven, heal and feed your soul individually and in community. Our trips cultivate joy, peace, happiness, relational flow.

With a clear, heart-felt, compelling goal anticipation is at its best.

2. Deep Listening

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Listen for the next step. Ask “to achieve my desire, what should I do now?”. Listen. Complete what “pops in”, the activity that makes the most sense even if it isn’t what someone else might be doing or particularly obvious. Then, ask again. Complete. Ask again. Complete.  Before long, as you take action, a natural flow will lead you to actualizing your desires.

Within the wellness field there are many ways to deliver self-care, including taking a trip or working with a spiritual coach.. At Spirit Road Travel clients desire to explore more deeply. Spiritual direction originates from within. We’ll be adding new services and itineraries soon.  We’re listening and the answers are presenting.

Pause. Close your eyes. Ask “to achieve my goal, what is most important right now?”. Listen.

3. A Stellar Support Team

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Surround yourself with people who celebrate, support and value you, a kind and honest “A Team”. Of course, you’re the team’s captain.  

A fundraising board is united around a cause. Similarly small group travel is about people reveling in experiences together. Stay tuned for additional small-group travel opportunities for you, your besties and “strangers” as well.

“Every friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” (-Anais Nin)  

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To believe that nothing is too good to be true…

feel you success even if you’re “not there yet”; listen deeply to your genius inside; and create and “travel” life with your “team”.  You deserve success and a happy life. Through spiritual direction and slow, thoughtful travel On The Spirit Road we’ll help you get there!

*My favorite “positivity guru” is Douglas Peacock, douglaspeacock.com

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