Disruption visited me and many others right before the holidays. The ground felt unstable. Plans changed. Gatherings cancelled. Visits postponed.

Trudge on amidst fear. Travel as carefully as possible. Grasp uncertainty- it’s a component of life.  

Live my life now. Prioritize. Find peace. Yes, dig for it. Peace. More than finding resolution to a fight.  

Shalom. Wholeness. Inner well-being.

For the last two celebratory December weeks  seeking “Eirene”, the Greek Goddess of Peace, on a daily basis became the goal. 


Here are a few recent insights practiced On The Spirit Road towards a calmer inner space.

Find peace in your relationships. Be ok with differences. 

So often we feel disappointment that someone isn’t showing up in the way we need. Sometimes they don’t meet us on our road. They don’t say what we yearn to hear…not because they don’t care. You’re living your life and others are living their lives. It’s just how relationships can be.

Move on.

Hold each other in love.


Take stock in first being your own best friend.  Hi, Eirene! 

Prioritize Space for Quiet. Celebrate you.

Yes who isn’t sick and tired of too much quiet in the last two years?  I’m not talking about the lonely kind of being by yourself. No. I’m referring to the time when you are solid in you. You’re aware of your own talents and feel centered in the inner goodness.

Even if you’re not feeling joyful you do rock! You are a gift.  Each person is a present in the world.

Usually we find space for celebrating our inner knowing only when there’s moments away from the frenetic world. Take time to brew your coffee in the morning.

Look at the stars when out for an evening walk.

Notice the sounds when the car is stopped at a light.

Stop. Listen. Be kind.

Connect with your goodness. Peace will ensue.

Focus on your vision; Move around boulders.

Often it behooves us to re-visit what we want in life. What is our vision for creating a life we love?

Obstacles might get in the way; however, we can move around the boulders in the rushing stream. Let’s not give the tough times more energy than needed.

Momentum builds when we remind ourselves about what matters most and then take action towards a happy life.

Even little steps build towards possibility.

Peace arises when we spend more thinking time on what we want. 

2021 is ending and it’s time for 2022! Yay!  Wishing you Shalom, “Eirene”, Peace On The Spirit Road.

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