Normally my focus is on the Here and Now. Too much “looking back” traps me in “what was” versus “what can be”. Yet in order to move forward into a New Year, it behoves us to capture digestible tidbits that made 2021 memorable.

The “capture” is not only about “happy”. We garner valuable information from the hard as well as the easeful activities. Life is a full “happiness and sorrow” spectrum and jewels are found on both ends.  

To celebrate what’s to come, let’s first look back! We will “capture” our insights and decide what to bring forward into the New Year. Sometime between now and December 31st, regardless of how busy life feels, put the tea kettle on or grab a favorite cup of Jo and relax and sip in the full wonders and tribulations of 2021.

Here are a four suggestions to identify 2021’s worthwhile nuggets!

  1. Start with your 2021 Calendar

Life Coach, Cynthia Morris, owner of the company, Original Impulse, suggests pondering each month, day-by-day. Give yourself a little time to reflect on the activities and events from the year, personal and professional. Write down what “pops” from each month. My guess is that you weren’t’ sitting on the couch!

2. Relish what worked.  

Recognize when you felt good in your life, job, relationships, community commitments. What enabled “the flow”? What activities and or skills did you enjoy using?

3. Consider the “not so good”.  

We all have challenges. Sometimes life just feels hard. There are jewels to be found in the difficulties!  Identify any patterns, negative behavior or whatever triggered unproductive situations. What might you modify moving forward?

4. What’s the Capture?  

Once you’ve reviewed, relished and considered, decide three (or more) “Captures”. Don’t forget to include the people and experiences that created joy and those times you felt gratitude. Notice the insights, practices and noteworthy memories, the best dimension of your life- to include in next year’s plans.

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