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Struggling to find calm these days? Me, too. Peace feels elusive. 
Hold on.

Consider some recent good news in the travel industry: 

  • This past Monday airlines canceled fewer flights (870~ flights) compared to the past two weeks (averaged 1000+ daily flight cancelations)*. Good news!
  • A seasonal “slow-down” is beginning to take affect. Good news
  • Americans are planning vacations. Compared to Spring 2020 U.S. citizens have a growing list of international travel destinations!**

How can this be possible? 

People are embracing an attitude of  “Life is Now”

The moments right now are what we have, even if familiar routines have gone missing. We feel better when we’re living what matters!

The recent holidays were a very scaled back affair, four family members compared to thirteen. Although plans had gone awry, we made the most of the time together,  then and there. We enjoyed one another, then and there. 

Wherever you are, whatever happens, and wherever you go, make the most of the time and interactions and opportunity.  

Peace is Now!

Here are a few suggestions for how to find your own NOW:

Take focus off of “Good” or “Bad” 

Life experience is lived on a full spectrum. That’s just how it is.  What matters is that regardless of circumstances we stay “In” especially with kindness and care for ourselves and one another.  

When struggling to accept a change, spend time in meditation or at least take a few deep breaths to discern what’s true- that you’re here and a beautiful being and capable of handling disruption.

Stay Flexible

Maybe you’ll travel domestically this year instead of your normal “European” vacation, for example.

Can’t find your favorite breakfast cereal with grocery shortages? Try something new.

Not comfortable with hosting a party? Embrace alternative ways to be social- go for a walk together with a girlfriend.

Sometimes when we start something new and or different we benefit in ways previously unimagined. 


While in the locker room recently after a swim, another club member insisted that a particular part of the bench was her space. No problem. I moved my stuff. There was plenty of room. For whatever reason the fellow swimmer felt the need to own a particular area.

We all have quirks. As transitions continue stay open to others’ needs. Accommodate. Life is fragile.

Live Life Now in its full splendor and feel peace inside.

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