Movement is possible. Oh, how wonderful to transit, visit and celebrate in new or favorite destinations! Despite some difficulties within the industry, gratitude abounds for the chance to travel again. Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, time has marched ahead. Almost two additional years have been added to those travel dreams.  

Not just because of the pandemic…you have a long list. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Hmmm, one trip a year, perhaps. Maybe more or an extended vacation every other year.  After only a few recent real vacations, you see more travel possibilities in the future, a bright light ahead. 

Inra Desert Camps, spectacular sunset and ride celebrating 20 years of married bliss!

What does planning look like these days?

In 2021 most of us we’re not long-term travel planners. We feared that the Covid pandemic could still interrupt our lives. In my recent LinkedIn Poll surveying “What’s Your Travel Planning Process?”

  • 24% respondents plan trips in under three months;
  • 58% plan travel between three – six months in advance; and 
  • 18% book their trips over six months in advance.

Next year travel looks different!

In a follow-up LinkedIn poll exploring 2022 trips, almost forty percent of respondents have already planned a trip for 2022. For the most choice and flexibility the “long-term” planners benefit.

The pent-up demand is real, too. 

  • You feel the need to Get Away. 
  • Your friends want to go. 
  • Extended family is planning a reunion next summer.  
  • For a graduation gift you’re suggesting travel to somewhere special (probably Italy) with your young adult children, recent grads. 
  • In a few years your parents want to invite you and your kids on a safari in honor of their fortieth wedding anniversary. 
  • It’s a big birthday year for you and your friends. You’re anticipating lots of shared experiences in 2022. Yay!
Girlfriend’s Birthday on the Beach in Mexico

Feeling behind the curve? Admittedly few have a spreadsheet that maps out a five-year travel plan! You’re too busy- that’s just not happening. Still it is possible to make the most important travel plans happen with ease. How? Here are:

Three Steps To Make Celebration Travel Happen in 2022:

1. Consider life’s milestones, big and small, happening next year (or even in 2023). Maybe it’s a personal or professional accomplishment you’re hoping to achieve or a friend’s/family member’s milestone. Perhaps there are still gatherings to honor from 2020.  

Write down a list of what’s important to acknowledge in 2022. Would travel with your Besties be a good way to celebrate?   

2. What is most important to you?  

Journal about how you want to feel on the trip and what matters most.  Is travel about experiences in nature or challenging yourself by a rigorous activity?  Perhaps it’s about laying on the beach and listening to the waves gently come ashore. Maybe you want to eat at a special restaurant in a particular destination. Or the trip is about multiple shared cultural experiences. 

3.When? Dates and Length of Time

Study your calendar and determine when you want to Get Away. This is always the starting point. Perhaps it’s in 2023 and not 2022. What dates feel easeful? Confer with your travel buddies about when they can travel. Once dates are determined work with a travel advisor to brainstorm destinations.  Domestic or International?​

The time is NOW for taking care of you. The time is NOW for that trip. You and your loved ones deserve celebration. Why ever waste a good moment? Relish in the happy. Feel gratitude. Celebrate!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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