Life in December can be rough. We lose perspective. Lots of mixed emotions, too many professional and volunteer commitments and long nights darken our mood. Celebrating feels like a chore.

How might we shift our mood?  

By Giving and Receiving!

As the well-known champion tennis player, Author Ashe, said:

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” 

December offers the chance to find reasons to celebrate in attitude and actions. 

The Donation

Whether it’s donating your time, in-kind items or money, giving feels good from head to toe, inside and out. Donating adds meaning and depth to our life and connects us to the greater good. 

All gifts, big and small, have value. Consider what touches your heart.  

Some of our gifts this December include:

  • Clothing donations for kids who don’t own warm socks; 
  • A financial gift to an outdoor organization preserving the planet; 
  • Dropping off a yummy holiday meal for a family without resources. 

“Give (Love) Until it Hurts” (Mother Teresa)

Give acts of kindness to those who matter most. Simple gifts such as cooking an extra weekday meal for your family, offering to help a co-worker with a task, calling a friend just to check-in.

Celebrate December by giving to your relationships. Perspective will shift. Life will feel abundant.

Here are Three suggestions to Give and Receive in December

  1. Consider how you like to donate and make an investment before the end of the year. Even if you missed Giving Tuesday, it’s never too late for a financial or in-kind donation.
  2. Show appreciation through simple acts of kindness to those who matter most in your life. As you look back over the year ask yourself who are three people (or more) that matter to you most? What have you most appreciated about having them in your life? 
  3. Write Thank you notes. Lots of them. When reflecting on 2021 you’ll know who to thank.

With well wishes and gratitude to you On The Spirit Road in December, 2021,

Amy Quinn

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