Celebrations aren’t always joyful. Lots of emotions swirl about. A party creates anxiety. Childhood memories emote sadness. So many people at a holiday gathering overwhelms us.

It’s ok. Sometimes we just don’t feel like celebrating. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirement, life passages and professional gatherings can be complicated.

It’s so normal to feel anxiety more than excitement about a holiday. Noticing negative feelings are the first step towards managing them. The thoughts and emotions don’t reflect your identity and the Beautiful Gold inside.

With the holidays approaching how will you manage difficult festivities and allow life to flow? 

Let’s look at my recent LinkedIn survey, “When you don’t feel like celebrating, what do you do instead?”.

Respondents choose from the following answers (as of Nov. 3rd)

Travel Away – 6% 

Although not always considered, this option is my favorite! I like to invite friends to join me! As much as I enjoy gathering around the table, cooking a large dinner can be tons of work.  

It’s possible to create an itinerary that reflects individual desires as well as offers something for anyone who decides to come along. Travel is such a gift and builds life long memories.  

Sometimes holidays remind us of loss. Many Spirit Road Travel clients have traveled away to create new memories and shift sorrow.

Treat Yourself to an Activity  – 41%

As @EricRogell of BoldMen Initiative suggests “getting active…even if that activity is a quiet day sitting beside a lake or at the beach.”

Conversely sitting with a favorite blanket and a good book and or watching a TV series is just as good, if this is your “Go To”. “Treat Yourself to an Activity” is just that, whatever feels like a healthy indulgence and small gift.

Communicate Your Needs – 12%  

It is a little tricky to let others who want to celebrate know that you want an alternative. First, share gratitude for those who want to celebrate with you. Then, let them know what might work instead.  There’s no need to provide lists of excuses.  It’s more about integrity in the relationship.  Friends and loved ones will still love you whatever you need.

Take it way back. Begin to notice more – all there is to celebrate in life. Just communicate with sincerity and caring.

Take Time to Sort What’s True – 41%  

Instead of beating yourself up over negative thoughts, sit with them even when uncomfortable.  Discern the truth behind the feelings.  Often we need to create a little space for discernment.  Be extra kind and patient as you would with a good friend who is suffering.  If you can’t figure out the Blues, garner some help. There’s no reason to hide  or pretend to be happy when you’re not feeling it. Celebrations are about you and others and we’re all worthy to receive. 

Oh, btw, if it’s a big birthday that’s throwing you for a tizzy, remember age is truly just a number.  Health, connection, attitude and gratitude impact how we feel about birthdays.  

Wishing you peace and joy in all ofhttps://spiritroadtravel.com/contact-us/ your celebrations.

PS If you want to Travel Away connect with me  and we’ll brainstorm the where, how and who of a Celebration trip!  

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