Even when things are bad- I mean really bad- there’s always good to be found and celebrated. Life will continue and as you sort through the terrible, you have a choice, a life to live.

My father, Henry G. Stifel (aka, Hank), experienced tragedy in his life, before my siblings and I came on the scene and afterwards. Yet, he chose to live his life fully, one of life’s biggest lessons. 

  • Keep living no matter what happens
  • Find reasons to celebrate (they’re there) 
  • Live in the light and be the light for others. Thank you, Dad!
50th Anniversary in Paris

Hank loved celebrating his birthday around the world. The parties were less about the birthday and more about gathering friends together for fun, joy and shared lifetime memories. We traveled to Paris, France, Kenya, Africa, Lech and Zurs Austria, Zermatt, Switzerland, and more including across the ocean on a ship! There was always a celebratory reason for our travel: birthday, anniversary, achievement, and most of all, because we had one another, one life now and bad stuff was NOT going to stop us

Admittedly over the years my siblings, friends and I have emulated the party trend at home and or landed in many places together: New York City, Park City, Utah, Cape Co, MA, Vail CO, Old Town Alexandria, VA, Zurs, Austria. Sometimes gatherings have been super ridiculous surprise parties, much more complicated to pull-off.  

So here’s what I want you to consider: What’s your reason to celebrate today and where will you go? Who will come with you?

Too often we don’t stop to acknowledge ourselves or the beauty in front of us.  Sometimes, against all the good reasons, we can’t find gratitude.  And, it’s ok to have these moments.  Life isn’t always a sweet peanut butter and jelly experience (or almond butter and fluff). 

Our propensity to celebrate manifests when there’s an inner knowing that: 

1) the universe is good;

(2) there’s love in the world; 

(3) the smallest act of kindness matters.

Even the Small Things in Life are Worthy of Celebration

We want to celebrate more when we notice more, such as the smallest, most intricate delicate flower along the hiking trail, its beauty surviving harsh winters.

The smallest reasons to celebrate and travel are just as valid as the bigger more obvious benchmarks, such as a big birthday! The little flower stands strong in knowing it belongs on the earth!

Celebration actualizes when we stand in an undivided space, a oneness with ourselves and in our relationships.
No matter the difficulties you’re facing now, you deserve to return to what’s good inside and out.  

What might you celebrate next?  

*Your health (being Covid-free)

*The fourth quarter 2021 (congratulations for almost reaching the year’s end- now what?)

*Change of seasons (fall is upon us and wonderful winter is approaching)

*The Winter Solstice

*A birthday

*A friend’s birthday 

*Closing a sale

*Reaching end of year targets…

How might you celebrate? Travel somewhere locally with friends, stay in town even and head to your favorite taco place or park mid-day to picnic.  Or grab your Besties or Loved Ones and travel away, for example, to Nashville or The Commodore Perry in Austin, a trip to see the Northern Lights, a wellness vacation to  The Retreat Costa Rica or Palmaia or a visit to the California wine country.

Let us identify your next reason to travel! Contact us today!

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