According to an August, 2021 study of clients in the #Virtuoso Travel Network, during the summer hotel bookings were up 133%!  California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, Arizona and Wyoming were top domestic destinations and Italy, France, Mexico, Greece, U.K, Bahamas, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica and Canada were the favorite international “Go To’s”.

Forty-four percent of travelers reported that they intend to journey away for the holidays. 
How about your Festive plans?

Finally you can travel.

This is a reason enough to (1) leave on a trip tomorrow with your Besties and celebrate the freedom to “wanderlust about”!  

Or (2) journey because during the past eighteen months, you’ve “rocked-it” as a parent, professional, volunteer, care-giver, teacher, whatever the role. 

For some travel is about what was missed in 2020. What didn’t you celebrate?  (3) We can celebrate with travel before the end of the year or in 2022!

Not sure How to Travel Now?  Here’s what we’re seeing:

Prioritizing Wants

Clients are not waiting until the elusive perfect time. Instead clearabout the Why of a destination, the What, aka meaningful experiences, and the Who, such as with a soul mate, Besties or reuniting with family and friends, travelers are traveling! We’re re-evaluating, identifying and actualizing journeys that matter to us.

Longer stays

The shorter weekend is less alluring than the longer vacation, perhaps adding some work time into an extended stay.

Considering The Footprint

Perhaps there’s a way to simplify the travel, a non-stop flight versus multiple stops.  A train trip instead of a short-haul flight. Staying at a hotel property that hires locals and takes care of its community and impact.  

Remote work-cations at all types of destinations

The office still hasn’t fully re-opened or will be opening soon. Why not work from a different location, enjoying a new place, ahead of possible mandates to go back to the office. 

Off The Beaten Track and the Great Outdoors

Biking vineyard to vineyard (“Hello, Napa”, “ Hello, Bordeaux”), road-tripping up the Oregon coast, hiking in the Berkshires, relaxing on Caribbean beaches, going on a safari in Botswana, wrangling cattle on a ranch in Wyoming, Forest Bathing in Finland…Away from the big city and feeling safe!

More patience 

Expect longer wait times as more and more people book their travel and the industry ramps back up. Plane schedules might change. Remember the recovery will take time and bring a kind heart wherever you go. Also much of 2020 and 2021 travel has been delayed until 2022. Spring breaks planned already last May. If you’d like to travel in 2022 and have the most options, it’s a good idea to start your planning at least ten months ahead.

Traveling for Self-Care  

More and more itineraries are designed to include restorative time, a slower pace, healthy food, and nourishing treatments for your mind, body and soul.  It’s possible to concurrently see so much and feel well.

“Nano” Travel – one destination, one stay. 

It’s so tempting to want to “add on” and travel around from place to place, never really landing anywhere! “Nano” travel is “going deep” for an immersive, cultural, more peaceful experience. Examples include spending time in the Center of Portugal, focused on one region.  Or biking in Tuscany, enjoying its small cities before and after; Walking in Provence during the early Fall and relishing the bounty of the area. Or focusing on a city experience like Paris or New York enjoying the many different neighborhoods. 

Close to Home and Staying in the United States

 There’s so much to see right where you are, wherever you are. People continue to support their local communities.  

Still not feeling ready?  The crowded airports scare you.  It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok.  

Here are a few tips to find your travel “Center”:
Start small. Organize some day trips. Begin to remember how travel feels and enjoy attractions nearby. 

Travel in the Off Season.  Travel has returned and many destinations are as busy as ever.  Instead, travel when tourists are at home. 

Check in with your heart.  Sit quietly for a few minutes and take a series of breaths.  
(1) During your initial breath check in with your  head.  What thoughts are swirling around in your head about travel.  Notice them. Thank them and then return to your breath and center of self.  

(2) On the second breath check in with your body.  How does it feel when contemplating travel?  Notice.  Is there any tension? What is your body communicating?  Notice.  

(3) On the third breath ask yourself, “when considering travel what’s most important right now?”  

Dream, plan and celebrate.  We’re here to help you!

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