There was unspoken tension. Would the wind be sufficient? Or would my brother go off a cliff? Yes, that was the scary question running through my head and mom’s psyche. Not to ruin the ending…everything went well with the launch.  It was a “wow” moment!

For any endeavor, such as planning a Life Dream trip, a clear thoughtful process is required. A launch doesn’t just happen! Your next Take-Off requires taking some thoughtful steps. From the recent paragliding experience, here are insights to support your next launch:

FOCUS – Alongside comradery the team (your fellow travelers, co-workers, volunteers ) was razor-focused.  Everyone was “All-In” committed to the project and its success.  This is a crucial first step.  


LAY-OUT A PLAN – you want to know what to expect and what happens when. Lay out a plan.

MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS INFORMED – Things go much smoother when participants are on the same page. For travel this includes making sure all travelers have a chance to share about what matters to them most and what they want to experience.  

OVER-COMMUNICATE  just to be sure information is absolutely clear.

SPEAK POSITIVELY– not that challenges need to be ignored; however demeanor matters.

EXPRESS CAN-DO FEELINGS  – Enthusiasm is contagious.

BE THOROUGH because as any traveler knows, “bumps” along the road can happen. If paying attention to details, you can lesson plans going astray.

REVIEW SAFETY – This also means being well-informed about health protocols.   

ENVISION – Keeping your eye on the goal helps with motivation and energy.  What is the intention anyway, the Why behind a journey?

PARTNER WITH EXPERTS always assures better outcomes.

ADAPT – Wind can shift direction and you have to adjust plans. Stay open and flexible and the right time to launch will happen. My brother was not able to take-off the first day because of gusting wind. Two days later conditions were perfect.  

Similarly so many of us have had to wait to live our travel dreams.  It’s ok…the time will present itself. Some are already traveling. Others are waiting. All is ok…trust.

TRUST – You’ve take the right steps. You know in your heart it’s time to move forward.

and now…

Make it Happen. Go. Launch.


Live the Dream regardless of circumstances.

Spirit Road Travel is about the Inner Journey as much as the Outer Journey. Let us help you actualize your life travel dreams. Contact us HERE.

The paragliding experience is a life-long memory.  What’s  your next Take-Off?  

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