For some it’s been hard lately to gather momentum and that’s probably an understatement. Yet now is the time to step into the good all around (even if you’re not feeling it). So let’s look at your Next Happy and what to celebrate.

Some celebrations are obvious, a birthday, a promotion, a new birth, a graduation, an anniversary and or a retirement. Then, there are the more murky, seemingly less clear, reasons to acknowledge your Next Happy. Often we trudge along, entrenched in a routine that’s arduous, even boring. So many moments pass us by. Ugh.

*We don’t notice our accomplishments enough.

*We don’t see how much we’ve moved endeavors forward.

*We don’t acknowledge the “wonderfulness” as individuals.

*Even with the world opening, we don’t celebrate enough!

What are you celebrating now even without a concrete reason?

Travel is often a “Next Happy” and we don’t need to justify heading out into the world. We just know that travel will give us perspective, in addition to so many other benefits.

Feeling the hint? Let’s explore how to add more joy into your every day.  Consider the following inquiries:

Inquiry #1: What do you do during your day (and thus during your life) to elicit joy? 

Never a big reader in my early years- yes, those Brady Bunch-like TV programs had more of my attention, it’s shocking now how much joy I feel when grabbing time to read. Diving deep into a novel, the newspaper or a meditative-type text feeds me. Of course, exercising, physical movement, whatever it is, makes me happy, too! These simple activities are my daily “non-negotiables”.

Now it’s your turn. Please consider the “Must Have’s” for making you Happy everyday. Perhaps it’s routinely connecting with a friend, hugging a loved one for at least twenty seconds multiple times per day, walking your dog, enjoying coffee with coconut-milk froth…your choice.  Choose your daily Next Happy and add to your day!

Inquiry #2: What do you do during your day to create joy in someone else’s life?

Energy Healer and Coach, Douglas Peacock suggests starting a conversation who those you’re interacting with while “out-and- about”, such as with a cashier at the grocery store. Understand that if you’re joyous you can bring that energy to others. Joy that emanates from you is contagious. Why not actively spread the joy?  

We don’t need an occasion to celebrate. For the most part, even when bad things happen, we’re usually ok, fine over time.  Why? Because life is good. Our fellow human is good. There’s good in the world. Join in the goodness! Celebrate more the obvious and “little stuff”.

Travel is often a “Next Happy”. Grab some time with me and we’ll explore your desires to see the world! No fee or obligation- just thoughtful conversation!

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