Have you ever contemplated that travel can specifically support well-being, the health of your mind, body and spirit?  

YES, travel is about self-care. It can alter your health in ways you’ve never imagined. There’s nothing to admit or confess. Life can adversely affect us. It’s ok to acknowledge that a “get-away” might be exactly what you need. 

Travel is a Gift of Well-Being. Let’s have some of that please. Although counter-intuitive traveling for your health is an absolute valid reason to journey.  In this week’s article, “Time for YOUR HEALTH. Travel is a Gift of Well-Being” we provide suggestions and destinations for improving wellness beyond and in addition to a spa experience.

Four Reasons We Travel for Health  Here are just some of the reasons we travel for health. There are so many more!

  1. Consumed with work and family responsibilities, we ignore needs, especially the health of our bodies, minds and spirits. Suddenly a health crises occurs. What?  It can almost feel indulgent to prioritize our health when there are so many other concerns and To-Do’s.  YOUR HEALTH matters!
  1. Taking care of yourself is not indulgent! It’s a necessity for living your best life with your best self.  This is reason enough for wellness travel. We only have one life to live so let’s maximize it
  1. Or maybe we just feel tired, all the time, so much fatigue, little motivation. There’s always so much on our plates. Re-set please.  How can we organize and manage what’s on our plate while staying healthy? 
  1. Or maybe things seem ok, yet we want to maximize life’s opportunities. There’s lots of Wonderful – we don’t want to miss an of it!

Benefits of Wellness Travel
1. We yearn to feel well, strong, and optimistic. Right?  Ease, joy, and abundance feed us. This is wellness.

2. Thankfully it’s never too late to develop new routines, adjust our lifestyle, and travel for our health. At Wellness properties around the world, we learn new tools for managing all types of challenges. 

3. Time for you. What a rarity! A little time for you will create huge impact.  Just having time to breath and reflect will allow you to re-set and move forward with a lighter step. Usually life is so outward-facing. This time you have a chance to look inside. We know you’ll like what you see! If not, you’ll have support to get there.

4. Through work with a variety of practitioners there’s potential for “Ahh-Ha” moments galore. The better we know ourselves, the more we can make choices that align with what we care about.

5. Quiet. Nature. Gratitude.

6. Love and community.  Close friends might join you on your wellness trip.  Those working at Wellness properties care about your well-being. It’s a “Why” for being at the property. They’ll be by your side.

Spirit Road Travel partners with some of the best: small and large, medical, experiential, culturally-enriched wellness destinations providing traditional, specialized and “alternative” programming. Remarkable doctors, healers, practitioners transform us. 

Here are some favorites.  Please know, however, that this is a very short list. Everyone’s health journey is unique. Contact us to identify what destination, property and or experience makes sense for you. If you contact these properties directly, thank you for letting them know I sent you (Amy Quinn, Spirit Road Travel, an affiliate of The Travel Society)!

The Retreat Costa Rica: A Crystal Mountain Wellness Resort, Healing Center and Spa- Delicious and nutritious food, deep yoga practice, nature hikes, “detox, healing, fat burning, Ayurveda balancing and even reconnecting with a loved one”! Located on a crystal quartz mountain you’re sure to feel the vibrational healing.

Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort – Work Towards Your Best Self – Check out the many wellness, spiritual, fitness, and special events they’ve got lined up at TucsonLenox, and Woodside

Kasiiya Papagayo Costa Rica– Unwind, recharge and experience a world away…
The (7) Tented Suites won the International Architecture Award 2020. This review says it all:

“An absolutely beautiful property and the gloriousness of Costa Rica’s natural beauty all surrounding.The views were breathtaking. Truly an incredible place to relax, recharge and reconnect with your loved ones. The staff were incredible, so very accommodating and the food was amazing. The villas are luxurious and the outdoor shower and tub are incredible.”

Miraval Resorts (Austin, Tucson, Berkshires)Journeys With Intention – Such an experiential place. Yes, the spa and food have delicious offerings, top-notch; yet it’s the programming and available healing services that stand-out for me. In Austin I experienced my first Healing Bowl Sound session which moved me to therapeutic tears! In Tucson I hiked in the desert amidst sequoia cacti and an inquisitive coyote.

Las Islas, Baru, Cartagena de Indias – A stunning eco-conscious retreat with lovely bungalows on the beach or high in a tree with views of the sea or the adjacent national park. After a couple days in Cartagena, grab the shuttle and arrive by boat. You’ll know that you’re going somewhere special and away! Lots of local activities, delicious food and a unique spa including a thalassotherapy-inspired body wrap! Bike, walk or cart easily around and or venture out to other islands. Love this place! (#LeadingHotelsoftheWorld)

Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort, Hawaii– Serene architecture, lush gardens and rich offerings create this island sanctuary. You can’t ever go wrong with The Four Seasons!

CHECK OUT Forest Bathing in Finland for next summer!

A specific itinerary that inspires Icelandic Wellness

Check out Well Being Gems from Spirit Road Travel HERE

It’s Time for YOUR HEALTH.  Give yourself a Gift of Well-Being!

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