How and Where will you relax in nature this summer?  Here is our “Nature On-Demand” Travel List!

Grab a bench, lie down and watch the clouds go by. The sky will constantly change. Or swim backstroke in a pool and watch this way instead.

Honor Your Body by Being Outside: Commit to a morning walk even if just around the block with or without your dog, cell phone left at home.  Feel the air on your face. Breathe and quiet your mind. Look, smell. Feast on whatever nature is in your view.

Dine Outdoors: Who cares if you don’t have the perfect porch or patio furniture. Grab a chair, a side table, or a blanket and head outdoors with your plate and pot of food. Nothing fancy. No fuss. Just get outside for your meals. Or at least sit by a window.

Wonder in a Park: Can’t travel to a National Park this summer? Find a local or regional park and head there instead. Bring a picnic, cold drinks and hang out! Central Park is world famous for New Yorkers imbibing in nature’s cool-aid! Parks let us bring the outdoors in while witnessing others in the community doing the same.  

Or Check out these National Park trips:

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Arches and Canyon Lands Hiking Tour


Photograph by Shifanz Shamuun

Find a Trial: In Denver we have The High Line Canal trail – 60+ miles, north-south trail for biking, walking, running, horse-back riding.  Where are the nearby trails in your town? Go for a saunter.

Want to travel to a trail instead? Here are some favorites:

Peru: The Inca Trail Passes are going quickly. Only so many people will be allowed to hike the trail in 2021.  If interested it’s time to book! Here’s another favorite company for hiking The Inca Trail.

Camino de Santiago

The Mont Blanc Trail

For when travel is fully open, Trek in Bhutan.

Photographed by Dave Hoefler

Immerse in Water: Some of us are landlocked. We’ll need to find a swimmable lake.
Stuck in the city? Find a fountain. Near the ocean? There are no excuses. Go to the beach immediately. With a running start, jump in the waves again and again. Relish the salty taste. Dunk your head. Ride the surf.

If it’s sweltering, take a bucket, fill it up and then pour the water over you!  Invigorating. Our bodies and the earth are mainly composed of water. Water yourself. Water your plants.

Some water destinations for your summer vacation:

Kayak off the California Coast in the Santa Cruz Island’s and then head north to San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Highway. Beauty abounds.

Favorite Coastal Getaways in New England 

Five Things We Love About Castle Hot Springs

Still not convinced?  Read the stories from some outdoor enthusiasts who work in the outdoors. Amazing! Eight Adventurers on What We Can Learn from Nature

Please know that it would be the greatest pleasure to create an inspiring itinerary for you, one aligned with your soul, feeding your well-being. Contact us anytime. With gratitude and wishing you health in nature this summer! Amy

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