It was almost as if the universe said, “Oh, no you don’t!” 

Towards the end of 2019  we made an “All In” choice: promoting Life Dream and Well-Being trips at #SpiritRoadTravel. The other business, teaching #SearchInsideYourself, an emotional intelligence training, would be Ad Hoc.

To re-launch the travel brand, preparations ensued. On the day of introducing a new LinkedIn profile, the pandemic happened. “Oh, no you don’t!”. The world shut down. Flights, tours, cruises cancelled. No more travel planning. 

Self Awareness was crucial for finding solace when the world paused. Circumstances demanded Inner Travel. In fact, the Outer Journey had to wait.

Travel and emotional intelligence are not separate. At Spirit Road Travel we combine both. 

So what does travel look like when we let the inside inform the outside?

Understanding Why Off we go, here and there. With so many destinations it’s easy to create a huge list. Sometimes we want bragging rights, “ oh, yes, I’ve been there”. 

As travel returns let’s lay aside the need to “achieve” and instead consider what really matters to us about a trip. Make a new list or look at your existing one.  Review the destinations. Notice how you feel imagining each place. The feeling tone should be blissful anticipation!

Setting an intention What is most important about a trip?  What are you hoping for?  These are two questions we ask clients during the planning process. We sometimes re-visit the vision.

We don’t want to set ourselves up with rigid expectations; rather we want to understand what we’re hoping for and how we want to show up on the journey. A trip enables new possibilities!  

Willingness to be uncomfortable.  Stuff happens when traveling. Flights can be delayed. A meal creates stomach upset.  Even with GPS we become lost.

Travel lets us experiment and live with the discomfort versus becoming it.

Yes, travel is starting again and domestic markets are almost at pre-panedmic levels. Many of us are playing catch up with friends and family, our “Why” for travel. 

When we pay attention to what we already know, answers surface. Knowing what matters means identifying and creating Life Dream Trips and Well-Being Gems aligned with your desires. Yearning to uncover more of ourselves translates to Spiritual Sojourns and Transformative experiences at specific properties around the world and with talented practitioners. 

Prioritize your dreams as you imagine future travel. 

At Spirit Road Travel we’re excellent matchmakers for combining the Inner and Outer and helping you manifest what you want. Join us On The Spirit Road.

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