Phone-use was still in high-gear. The beautiful beach awaited. Only an hour had been spent with sand in the toes so far. Just one more work detail to finish. 

Even when intending to relax, it’s not easy to “slow it way down”.  Have you noticed yourself speeding-up since the global pandemic has begun to ease (for some)?  

Whether transitioning to time away or our post-Covid lives, we often lean towards what’s familiar. We return to our “old” ways. Yes, “old” because you can’t profess not to have learned something during the last fifteen months. Everyone spent time “At Home”, on an “Inner Journey”. The isolation dramatically reduced the pace and helped us cultivate some sort of self- awareness! We’ve earned the insights and rewards of an updated Life/Work balance.

After so much time inside, enthusiasm for being “out and about” is natural. It feels remarkable. Let’s keep life on this improved and reasonable trajectory, less frenetic. Kindness to one another included, too. How might we maintain our civility? A “Slow-It-Way-Down” mindset requires bringing intention to this current post-pandemic transition.

We transition when traveling. There’s the “Hello” to the destination, perhaps multiple places. Then we make adjustments to the daily schedule such as a walk on the beach before breakfast (lol). Our diets change too with multiple orders of shucked oysters washed down with champagne. Towards the end of the stay we pack and head home “re-entering” perhaps with reluctance after the dream escape. That’s already five different transitions.

It’s just not possible that recent insights, such as an updated Life/Work balance will be easily discarded. Transitions, however, can be tricky.  Here are three suggestions for maintaining A-Slow-It-Way-Down perspective On The Spirit Road!

1. Give yourself permission to slowly adjust to a new pace. Life’s demands can follow us into any transition and it might require a few false starts before being able to complete what truly needs to be completed. That’s ok. Give yourself grace.  
Ask yourself, “what doesn’t have to be completed anymore”?  What can I let go of?  

The same applies when starting a vacation  Create a list of Must Do’s and then a new list, “For When I Return”. Focus only on the essential.

St. Bart’s

2. Ease. Keep a little quiet inside no matter how crazy the circumstances. Remind yourself about how you want to feel when at work, out and about, and interacting with co-workers, friends and family. You deserve to live peacefully. When your mind races, take three breaths (one each for your mind, body and heart) and on the third breath, ask yourself, “What’s most important in this moment, right now?”  Consider what you’re noticing in your mind and head.

3. Don’t over plan. Make some plans to travel (and feel free to let us help you navigate and make the most of your time away and investment) and then keep your schedule open. It’s strange not to have a packed calendar; however impromptu moments create joy. There’s so much re-connecting and re-engaging right now that your schedule will fill. A more open calendar will allow for more flexibility.

Being out in the world again feels like picking favorite candies. We can choose.  We can notice and remind ourselves how to feel: at ease. Our Well Being matters On The Spirit Road.

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