Something was off. Anxious thoughts disrupted my sleep and the dream of “rain pouring into the house.” The decision to live and work remotely  in Colombia during April (#Kuna #RemoteYear) seemed to be back-firing.  Why the anxiety and not happy anticipation?

Well…”The Why” represents the crux of my unease. Whether we’ve made plans to travel or make any type of life change, big decisions, especially ones that feel “risky”, require a clear intention. When we don’t have clarity about life’s choices, angst follows. The external world holds sway. We ignore our motivations on the inside.

Big decisions require us to deeply understand our aspirations and motivations. A clear intention translates to enjoying luscious anticipation. You know the type these days – when you just can’t wait for a trip, dining out, visiting with family and friends. Luscious! Anticipation occurs when we’ve identified clear “objectives”, “why’s”, for a new endeavor. 

When launching life towards a new direction, how do you manage the anxiety? How do you happily anticipate the change?

Beach time in Colombia!
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Perhaps we’ve all watched too many Netflix series about drug lords. In addition to anxiety about being away from home, people react fearfully about travel to Colombia.

How did sleep return in the middle of the night? First by recognizing that the flurry of scary thoughts in my head were just mean untrue illusions, not based in fact. To rid myself of these negative I imagined each thought  (1) as a balloon and popped them one by one and (2) floating down a stream away from my consciousness forever.

How do I tend to other people’s anxiety?  (1) By explaining how to safely live in Colombia and sharing current-day facts about the country.  Sometimes we’re operate from old ideas. (2) By sharing less. Other than my loved ones and close friends it’s not necessary to blab my next adventure. Big decisions are for you to make.

Mind-Map Your Intention

How have I transitioned to a pleasant and exciting feeling of anticipation?

Through (1) Journalling about the prompt, “this trip matters because…”.(2) Creating a visual MindMap for my objectives and or intentions. A MindMap exercise provides clarity.

For your next Big Decision here are a some steps to create a MindMap.

  • Grab a blank piece of paper and a pencil or pen.
  • In the center draw a circle and label the project, decision, endeavor you’re contemplating.
  • Below the circle write out your objectives- what you’re hoping for
  • Create a label and circle for each objective.  Draw lines from each circle to the actions you’ll take to accomplish the objective.

Living away from my husband, friends and beloved Colorado for a month is a big deal. Yet my short life on this earth motivates me to travel outside of my comfort zone. Remote Work and Life abroad offer the opportunity for Spiritual Sojourn.  Pleas join me on this adventure.  We’ll grow together on the Inner and Outer Journey.

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