Yes, life has been different in the last year and our  “normal” choices limited.

Although we tackled “inside” projects, the pandemic created procrastination, a form of distraction. Procrastination is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “the action of delaying or postponing something”.  

The “One day I’ll do this….” list is still there.  Why not use this recent “pause” as a motivator and commit to something on your Life Dream list? You choose this time. 

Moving outside your comfort zone is bold. You’ll face resistance. This just happens sometimes when being bodacious.

Here are a four suggestions to safely move ahead:

  1. What do you know to be true? Although protocols within the travel industry keep us safe, most of us still struggle with the idea of spreading illness when “out and about”. Instead notice versus become our emotions. Whatever the situation, look at the facts
  2. Who can help? Garner information. Connect with people who can help outline a path towards whatever it is you’re seeking. Most people enjoy being consulted and witnessing others reach a goal.  
  3. What else is possible? Don’t let money be the reason for delay. Think out of the box. Focus on what you want (everyday) and you’ll get there, even if it takes longer to find the resources.The world is abundant!
  4. Are you being kind to yourself? Self care is the antidote for eliminating procrastination.  

Please know, when you’re ready, Spirit Road Travel will help you feel safe. We explore the “Spirit” in travel as well as take care of every detail. You’ll receive travel coaching, the facts, and an itinerary of memorable experiences aligned with your travel dreams.  

What will you no longer delay?  Wishing you joy and well wishes cultivating a “No Longer” rallying cry

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