The book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown now resides in my Carry-On, a hard copy just to underline and study in April. To enable a work/life balance involves understanding priorities each day, similar to deciding on the right items for a journey. The external world will present us with many possibilities for work, our life, how to spend time etc… We need to deeply know what matters most.

Quiet Discernment

Similarly packing screams the question, “What is Essential?”. Of course you want to bring the right stuff, appropriate for the destination, culture, climate, and activity – “Stuff” that is useful, “No Fuss” and creates ease for your day. Some even assert that you pack only what you don’t mind losing. 

Although our comforts are not a crime, packing causes us to examine attachments.  How do you define “essential” in life, work, for your luggage?

Here are three ways recent planning for a #RemoteYear month in Medellin helped inform life.

  1. Lifestyle

“What to bring” is harder to discern than we might think! It’s about lifestyle in addition to “essential” besides including your toothbrush. Just as it’s not possible to pack all your belongings, the same is true for our business: we can’t do it all. Having since arrived in Medellin, my choices around wardrobe are whatever’s in is the closet. Similarly there’s lots of opportunities to enjoy Medellin. Knowing clearly what’s important each day for my business’ success will create space to also enjoy living here. Making smart choices.

Needing to Make a Choice

2. Burden versus Comfort

We don’t want to haul heavy suitcases from place to place. Concurrently we want comfort. Where’s the balance? Discern your non-negotiable, “can’t live without” items first (my black #Blundstones, blue jeans, white t-shirts, favorite scarf) Be willing to invest time in this discernment beyond the mixing and matching.  Most likely after those “Must Have” items  you’ll be half-packed and can just fill in with remaining essentials next. 
Our daily “To Do” lists are always too long. Chose one maybe two items for your day’s focus (those activities that impact your business revenue) and then grab ten minutes here and there for  other “Nice To Do’s”. Don’t let stuff hinder productivity. 

3. Pack for Pleasure; Find Your Zone

“Dressing Up” gives me pleasure even when traveling. I like to feel good in my outfit. The same is said when we work. Working in our “zone” with ease is where we want to find ourselves.  Knowing that we’re utilizing our gifts and aligned with a purpose that resonates gives us satisfaction as well.

Essential is about putting your needs first.  It’s about making choices that create ease and comfort. What will you pack for your next trip?

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