Most of us can’t wait to receive the vaccine and opt back in to our travel life. It’s been a long time since venturing from home. How strange and wonderful the freedom will feel. 

You know what other emotion might accompany our travels?  Fear. “That person is standing too close.”  “Why doesn’t she wear a mask?”   The trauma has been real.  

Even with the security of a vaccine we will need to habituate ourselves to managing discomfort.  How will you manage your fear versus become it? What’s one daily practice that might help?

Here are four suggestions to ease the transition back into your community, state, and world.  The world needs you and you need the world.  

  1. Noticing versus becoming: Fear has directed much of our actions during the past year and, of course, there continues to be reason to exercise caution. Remember when we feel fear and or other emotions it’s an experience.  Fear doesn’t represent what might actually be happening in a situation.  
  2. See a Similarity: When feeling discomfort around someone pause and consider what you have in common. On the simplest of levels see a similarity.  This “Shift to Connect” practice is especially important when interacting with those who you perceive as “different”.  We’re all human (and not part-fish or horse or whatever.  No , we’re fully human). As Organizational Mindfulness Coach, @Elizabeth Prather, suggests, “Hold humanity in compassionate arms.”

The Shift to Connection practice is completed over three breaths.  

  1. On the first breath, settle the mind.

2. On the second breath, see a fundamental human similarity.

3. On the third breath, offer kindness.  Kindness translate in all languages and provides inner calm by taking the focus off of your own feelings.

3. Focus on what you can control: This means that you notice when a thought does not serve you and deliberately make a shift.  Taking even one breath can help settle your mind enough to think about something more positive. 

4. Take care of yourself.  If you’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s the importance of self-care. Turn off the TV and or “unplug” for a time. The news is repeatedly frightful. Give your mind and body a break from external noise. Rest. Treat yourself.  Dream about what’s next.

Who said that life is without risk. There are hazards all around us.  But we keep on living and moving forward and now as the pandemic loosens its grip, we’ll do the same. Although many of us might wait until vaccinated there’s nothing stopping us from dipping a toe into bigger swimming pools, even an ocean and starting to consider travel once again.  Please let us at Spirit Road Travel help. Travel opportunities abound to “
Travel Safe”.

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