Perhaps this will be the year when you become part of a trend. Yes, you! You’ve never felt the need to be “trendy” but why not?  With pent-up demand, access to the vaccine and an optimistic consumer outlook, travel will return!*

For travel advisors this is the best news ever! At Spirit Road Travel, every trip, long or short, near or far, has the potential to be a Life Dream.

Whether you want to be part of the upcoming trend or not, check out reasons to feel optimistic about future travel.

Caution and Intention – Although the craving is real, we will still be careful when choosing a destination, not “throwing caution to the wind”. Discounts will only have so much allure. We’ll stick to a familiar destination, one that is not too far away as a road trip or with a short flight. 

“Do-Overs” with some differences
Almost all travel was cancelled in early 2020 and now it’s time for the “re-do”? Celebrate what you were not able to fete last year!

With so much booking flexibility if you have a travel voucher, utilize the credit. Most vouchers have a large travel window so you can book now and travel when you feel ready. If booking soon, you can expect more generous policies and few if any, change fees. Depending upon a hotel’s capacity, there might even be an automatic upgrade.

Some of us will use private aviation. 

We’ll stay in residential accommodation at a hotel or resort and or rent a private home for the whole family & friend-group.  

Forget the short vacation. We plan to visit for at least two weeks, if not more.  

Heading somewhere warm?  We’ll rent a private yacht or at least get ourselves to a beach that is out-of-the-way. Caribbean? Puerto Rico? Florida Keys?

Technology Enhancements – Expect more contactless technology at check-in, while going through airport security, viewing menus, making payment, for example. There will also be new applications for biometric verification. New technology is meant to improve the traveler’s experience and create increased safety.

The Where – Out-of the way, off-the beaten track, outside, in nature, domestic destinations (there’s so much to explore in America): the  wild West, Alaska, Smokey Mountains, Cascades, Rocky Mountains, Northern California, Oregon coast (and Canada when it opens to U.S. citizens), to name a few regions.

“The Where’s” are personal!  

We’ve had time to reflect on our Favorite Places – those you just can’t wait to visit again after months at home- as well as the Life Dream destinations. We’ve learned that life can rapidly change.  When there are resources and time, no longer will you wait!

What’s meaningful?  You’ll skim off a little bit of the “fluff” (unless the “fluff” is what gives you meaning, like Nutella on toast!) 

Time at home has increased awareness about the transformative impact of travel.  Journeying changes our lives. It increases self-awareness as well as understanding of the big beautiful world. You’ll seek out growth and never-to-be forgotten experiences.

We’re all part of a shared humanity. The pandemic has enabled an interest in regenerative travel. In other words awareness about the footprint you create when traveling.  “Leave No Trace”, “Give Back” and brand activism will apply to your travel choices.

The industry, including Spirit Road Travel wants you back!  Enjoy being part of the trend!

*Most of the data and trends cited in this article are from a recent report complied by Strategic Vision.

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