Sometimes we perceive the distance as too far. The world feels imposing.  Our aspirations seem misconstrued. Yes, we wonder about whether we’ll ever arrive at the destination. Is it possible to travel to a star?

Despite the physical and emotional distances created by 2020, The World Is Within Reach. Your world, aka, aspirations, goals and dreams, are attainable, closer than you might perceive. Whatever you strive for can be achieved.

Take a step back so you can touch some inner stars.  The World is Within Reach when you:

  1. Pay Attention (listen) to what feels true;

2. Recognize your gifts, the many gifts in your life and of those around you;

3. Believe in your dreams, never ever giving up and always trusting the path.

What about the outer world, actual travel to new places and experiences, including Life Dream Trips and Spiritual Sojourns. What matters most when you travel?  What’s next on your list?  Although the world hasn’t opened up, it will soon.  The World is Within Reach more than it feels right now.

After almost a year of “At Home” travel, honing new virtual skills, it’s time to safely venture out a little bit and a little bit more depending upon your comfort level and community protocols.    

Here are three suggestions for starting your 2021 adventure:
1. No need to worry about distance or big ideas right now.  Start Close In and go from there. Check out what’s happening in your neighborhood or nearby shopping districts (Denver Peeps- please see my article about outdoor activities during the Holidays).  Contribute in-kind, time or money to a cause.  Journey somewhere by going to a new place nearby, an ice cream store, park, Korean bakery, for example. Walk around the block with fresh eyes. Support small business and shop local. Start Close In.

2. Create a Wanderlist.  This is a free app that lets you create a list of experiences from throughout the world that appeal to your sense of wonder and adventure. Ask every family member to create a list and then share – super fun and up-lifting. Identifying new experiences starts the “travel juices” flowing.

3. Explore Where You Will Go Next in 2021or 2022 by participating in the free The World Within Reach workshop (Dec. 10th, 4:00 pm Mountain time. Register or for more information: HERE). Facilitated by Amy Quinn with special guest, Laura Fixsen of Virtuoso’s Wanderlist, Spirit Road Travel invites you to explore and share your aspirations for journeys near and far.  The workshop offers time for reflections and interactive brainstorms about what’s possible and how to achieve travel dreams unique to you.  

The World is Within Reach both for our Inner and Outer Journey.  Let us know if we can help you achieve your travel dreams even to the stars!

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