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Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes past decisions weigh on us and we live with unwanted outcomes. So…

I jumped into the Southern Seas.

The leap was shocking. Every nerve-ending tingled. Achieving a goal hadn’t motivated me. Rather, if I didn’t jump, I’d regret it later.

Jumping from the
National Geographic Resolution
into the Polar seas

Perhaps there were dreams you hoped to achieve in 2022 but didn’t. Or, you said “No” when the answer should have been “Yes”. Be forgiving! Remember that in any moment we do the best we can, with the information we have…and that’s good enough.

When considering what you hope for in 2023, let’s flip feelings about regret. As a way to evaluate a task, activity and or even a goal, ask, “Will I regret if I do/don’t …”.  

Yes, I would feel regret if I returned home from Antartica and did not know what the water felt like (salty and frozen). Would I regret it if I didn’t make the jump?  

My answer and no one else’s was YES. Regrets or potential regrets are personal. My husband did not plunge into the freezing Polar waters and he’s absolutely fine with his decision.

So I jumped and I’m so happy I did.

“What’s happening here? I’m in Polar waters. Get out. Swim”. Gentle arms pulled me safely onto a platform. Then I was in “Base Camp”, wearing a warm terry robe and drinking hot chocolate with Baileys. All was well. Forty others behind me jumped. We cheered for each  passenger re-entering the ship. Soon the Crew joined us with Captain Martin leaping with a cannonball into the frigid seas. It was a fun time.

BTW, traveling with Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic to Antartica and Patagonia was an epic, never-to-be-forgotten adventure. I highly recommend this company and can not imagine ever recommending any other small-ship expedition company. The Polar Plunge was a tiny moment relative to the many experiences every day of the trip. Connect with me if you’d like to learn more.

King Penguin in the southern
Chilean fjords of Patagonia

We have one life and many moments, big and small. Some moments present themselves and it’s a good time to ask: Will I regret… “not jumping”? The next time you pose this question consider the following:

It’s ok to say “No”. Go with your feeling at that moment and move forward!

It’s not too late if you’re feeling regret, just “waking up” slower than others, decide upon an action to take. After returning from the recent Antartica & Patagonia adventure, I felt some remorse. The planet needs all of us to live very carefully, conserve and preserve. I’m evaluating how to take additional action.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Any decision should feel joyful, never forced. There will be other times to live your life to the fullest if you “miss out”. Be gentle.

Stay kind. Loss is loss. If the regret is soul-deep, acknowledge the sorrow and move on as best you can. Your life is now regardless how it has unfolded in the past. You always have the opportunity to create a new path, flip the question, On The Spirit Road.  


Thank you to Lindblad Expeditions Naturalist and Certified Photo Instructor, Sean Neilson, for the cover photo. Sean generously shared his many beautiful photos onboard the National Geographic Resolution. 

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