A choice has been made. 

*You decide what you want, a destination.  

*Flush out options, the itineraries. 

*Consider budget, logistics, start time, upside potential. 

*Imagine how you’ll feel on the adventure. 

*You know deeply what’s most important about the next journey. 

*You feel the decision’s “rightness” in your body.

Yes, you’ll change jobs to one better aligned with financial goals; Yes, you’ll leave the traditional workforce and no longer ignore your inherent talents; Yes, you’ll establish roots in a different city and fulfill a life-long dream; Yes, you’ll break-up with your boyfriend/girlfriend because the relationship doesn’t feed you; Yes, you’ll travel to the Amalfi Coast because the world has opened up again. 

Photo by @IbrahimRifath

Despite fear it is possible to make a choice and not look back!

From everyday decisions to “bigger than anything you’ve ever imagined” ideas, here are Five Tips to Know You’re On the Right Path, Traveling With Gusto to a New Destination: 

Impulsive or Intuitive

Am I being impulsive? Maybe. Or maybe not. Following your instinct is not all bad. 

We can overthink, research and become paralyzed to act. Too often we ignore our intuition. Intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”  We just know. 

Of course we consider actual constrains in the decision process too. We keep our feet planted on solid ground and thereby eliminate impulsiveness.

We pay attention to that quieter stronger inner voice. We pay attention to how our bodies feel. Following intuition is paramount to confirming a decision.

An Easy Test

As part of the decision process you reach out to your network, those you trust for feedback.  If there’s ease in the conversation and some “Yes” “We’re In” type feedback you know to be on the right track. 

Although you’ll rely on your own judgement, garnering additional data points is valuable. Sometimes once you’ve put an idea out into the world, connections begin to happen. Suddenly you meet the person you need to meet.  

To aid in making a decision you “test the waters” with the aim of hitting a high pass score.   

Photo by Dino Reichmuth

Ease in Uncertainty

With most choices we experience uncertainty. Even after completing some “due diligence” it’s not possible to predict the future. Thus, there’s almost always some uncertainty. Yet you notice that there is also ease. Lots of effortlessness. No pushing or fatigue.  

Even if the work ahead is arduous, energy is high. It’s ok not to know a decision’s outcome. You trust the decision you’re about to make and are ready to move forward.

Ease dominates the fearful voices (aka the ego) that talk to you just above the shoulder.  Thank you, Ego for the information. Continue.  


Even before you’ve decided on a new project the next logical step presents itself.  Something pops from your “To Do” list. Words flow. Thoughts are expansive. You work and sometimes forget that you’re “at work”. Social scientist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describe Flow as a “state of peak performance being completely involved in an activity for its own sake.” This is flow and this is your experience, a strong indicator. 


When you consider a decision your heart is happy. There is lightness. A smile comes easily to your face. Instead of dread you feel excited. Anticipation is part of the choice and it’s sweet. Not everything about the work or preparation will necessarily be easy.  You’ll have to “work for it” but there’s a knowing that all is well. Your spirits are constantly elevated.

Last night we went to a professional ice-hockey game, the Colorado Avalanche versus the New York Islanders. Denver’s Ball Arena was packed.

Some people wore masks and many did not.  Fans made their decisions.

As fans sang the national anthem there seemed to be an energy, a knowing, that at that moment, despite the terrible events unfolding in the world, we were in a lucky place. Ease.

Winning was not assured. We bought our tickets and took our chances.

One game period flowed to the next.

Despite a close match-up, fans never wavered. Spirits were high.  The Colorado Avs won the game and so did we. Move forward with your choices.  Life is happening now.

Photo of signs by @MartenBjork

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