You thought the change would never happen. Finally you’re leaving!  Oh, how long it’s been since you explored. You wondered whether new experiences would ever come again! Yes, you’re traveling now!

Flopped down in an airline seat a feeling of departure enters our bodies. The rush to leave slowly subsides. You think, “I’m on my way now.”   Travel always creates a space for growth.

A Departure points to a Beginning. We’re leaving a known life for a different experience. Daily responsibilities are delegated to others. The day-to-day demands are excitedly “on hold”. You finished what had to be done to Begin.

Departure leads to Beginning. To begin means welcoming new ideas, feelings and experiences, a growth mindset. 

Whether we’re traveling on a journey or starting a new project (with a different team, expectations, outcomes)

how do you welcome new experiences, even if uncomfortable?

How do you leverage an opportunity and garner life-changing insights? 

Here are Three Ways to Benefit from a Departure.

1. Intention

Let’s revisit that slightly uncomfortable airline seat. The seatbelt is pinched low across your waist. You’re stuck in a forced pause. Before arranging headphones take a few breaths, close your eyes and consider “What’s most important about this next journey?”.  Setting an intention hugely impacts the outcome.  

2. Know Yourself

Not too long ago when trekking Mont Blanc I found myself feeling impatient. While on the well-trodden path, about to cross a gentle stream, I waited and waited and waited. The other trekkers were taking “forever”. Yet the sound of the water heading downward awoke me. Here was a chance to learn patience. I would exercise graciousness with the other (slower) hikers. Patient and graceful… that was how I wanted to “show up”.  

Traveling lets you be who you want to be out in the world, untethered from community and work expectations. Starting a new project or entering a new stage in life offers a similar newness, ripe with possibilities. Ask, “How do I want to show up – everyday?”

3. Alignment

When we cultivate self-awareness at a deeper level and identify what matters most, we’re able to align our actions and values. To live aligned translates to flourishing On The Spirit Road far away or near at home

Best-selling author and father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, offers us a well-being model, PERMA, to help us align and fulfill our goals*:

P = Positive Emotion: optimism, pleasure, enjoyment, feeling good 

E = Engagement: flow aka time just passes by unnoticed

R = Relationships: social connections, love, intimacy, physical and emotional interaction

M = Meaning: having a purpose

A = Accomplishment: ambition, realistic goals, pride in yourself 

Based on PERMA, when traveling in new directions

  • Adopt a positive attitude as much as possible;
  • Live “All In” doing the activities that feed and engage you;
  • Connect with those around you, whether friend or stranger. Be curious;
  • Search for meaning in all actions;
  • Savor progress and your accomplishments. Receive the goodness. Celebrate.

The next time we say goodbye, the next time we depart, realize the opportunities ahead. Although not always easy a Goodbye is a Beginning.

Traveling inherently reflects a Departure and a deliberate attempt to grow and begin anew.  At Spirit Road Travel we’re with you for the entire journey, goodbye, hello, goodbye, is good! 

*Information about PERMA and Martin Seligman is from the Search Inside Yourself curriculum on motivation, a domain of Emotional Intelligence.

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