Lemons were ubiquitous on the Amalfi. Although orchards were still covered with green awning, not quite ready to welcome Spring, trees bloomed big and small yellow fruit. Some of us indulged, not sipped, Limoncello after dinner. Lemons adorned tables, storefronts, fabric designs and acted as cups for gelato. Yes, life was prolific in lemons.

When life gives you lemonsmake lemonade.

We made an exorbitant amount of lemonade on this recent trip. Thankfully, it was sweet.

Ingredient #1 Sickness and Clarity

Travelers in our small group became Covid-ill almost daily. You know the feeling…when your nose sniffles and you wonder whether a positive test will happen next. 

Despite uncertainty and inconvenience we basked in the glorious sun, relaxing on lounge chairs, in the outdoor “solarium”.

We reclined while overlooking a wide-expanse of the Tyrrhenian Sea, terraced vineyards, pergolas, patios, old rooftops, farming and goat paddocks and trees hugging the coast.

We relished our place, Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso , and the pleasurable moments in time.

Life was happening right there and it was absolutely lovely.

Awareness Builds Resilience

Resilience is:

the ability to bounce back from challenging situations, effectively adapt to change and thrive,”  aka,

Make lemonade.

Being present improves the flow of information. You can’t pretend that the bad stuff isn’t there.

On the Amalfi participants became present to the surroundings and shifted the negative feelings to what was true: most of us felt healthy. We’d be on our way soon. What a beautiful place to pause.

Ingredient #2 Landslide and Choice

Who would have known? Two days prior to arrival at the trailhead a landslide closed the hiking path in the “Valle della Ferrier”, the Valley of the Mills. We would not be visiting the waterfalls above the town of Amalfi, at least not on that day. Instead we hiked instead east to a charming fishing village nearby, Atrani. 

To get there meant walking up and down steps, through narrow alleyways, passages above and below, finding our way with few signs to the historic town-square. Magical. We paused for coffee where otherwise the town might have gone unnoticed.  A stop at an “evocative” paper factory (Museo della Carta), one of Europe’s oldest, a leisurely lunch overlooking the sea also ensued. Who would have known?

“If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

We have the ability to choose our reaction. In a stressful situation we first garner clarity. Then, the next step is to shift our mindset from resistance to acceptance.

Acceptance doesn’t mean passivity. No one was happy. Feeling compassion for ourselves helped us accept the alternative scenario and resolve lingering disappointment.

Ingredient #3 Clinging versus Openness 

A few days later we experienced the waterfalls and Roman aqueduct above the Valley of the Mills after all, just from a different approach. The alternative trail started in Scala (not on our agenda before) with lovely views of Ravello. A new, energetic and enthusiastic guide led the way. A delicious slow lunch followed. This was a previously unplanned planned day, a bonus, kindly arranged because of the earlier cancellation.  

When landslides happen you never know what might come your way. There are always other possibilities, unimagined opportunities, surprises around every corner.  

Staying flexible instead of clinging to one “object” yields benefits 

To concoct the most delicious lemonade on the planet…

even if you’re unable to acquire lemons from the Amalfi coast,

requires Clarity, Choice and Openness.

Mindful lemonade is available On the Spirit Road at all of life’s juice stands!

The Amalfi Coast is abundant with stunning views, friendly people. resplendent coastline, memorable experiences.

Want to go? Dreaming of traveling to Italy? Just wishing to learn about possibilities? Connect with me for a free brainstorming session.  We’ll Wanderlist experiences HERE.

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