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Call it an obsession. Seeing family and clients’ travel photos brings me great joy. There’s so much vicarious learning and happiness. As a travel consultant it’s imperative to learn about what went well, the “stand-out” experiences, and improvements for Next Time. My business benefits by constantly growing expertise. 
Oh, the Next Time. What’s your Next travel dream? When reminiscing about a trip, we also begin to wonder about the Next Time. Where might we go?  What matters most about the next adventure?
Next Time holds promise. Even if we haven’t finished paying for one trip, imagining “what’s next” feels hopeful. With our busy lives, having a travel vacation to look forward to feeds our soul and motivation!
Even in our daily lives, when we Live As Travelers, it’s a good practice to reflect on the day’s experiences and the Next Time aka Day. Why? There’s another day…for relationships, productivity, taking care of ourselves and others, moving life forward however that looks, enjoying the daylight even if it’s drizzling.
On vacation we’re more apt to stop and acknowledge the day’s glorious happenings, over an afternoon Espresso after a walk through an ancient Sicilian town, with Roman ruins and olive trees dotting the landscape, for example. We pause and remark about what made us feel enlivened on that day.  Why not do the same every day?  
Admittedly at the end of some days we’re tired and perhaps not feeling enthusiastic. Or in some difficult cases poor health interrupts our Next Time. Some times are just like that. Whether the day was good or bad, utilizing

A Three Breaths practice at the end of the day is really helpful. Making a Three Breaths Practice a daily habit that can make a big difference.

Here’s my “Next Time” adaptation:
  • On the first breath (or two) review the day in your mind. Look at your list if that works better. Ask yourself the question: What went well today? Revel in the good feelings and acknowledge the positives.
  • On the second breath (or two) ask: What didn’t work well today?  Pause. Consider.  Reflect on what you had hoped to accomplish but didn’t complete. 
  • On the third breath (or two) ask: What do I want to do more of tomorrow, Next Time?  Write down the promise.
Here’s my gift to you because you’re your own best teacher! If you’re game for the Next Time vacation but haven’t had a chance to contemplate what the time away might look like, download the Free World Within Reach Matrix and start filling in the boxes with your travel ideas.  Writing them down makes aspirations more real and starts the universe spinning in the right direction.
Or gather a group and ask me to conduct The World Within Reach workshop to inspire you, friends and any Affinity group. The World Within Reach is a blast, truly! The Next Time is so fun to consider with other enthusiasts. Just let me know if you’re interested.
A recent visit to NYC was full of family, new babies, an Engagement party, dinners and a surprise late night visit to an Emergency Care clinic with my mom. The Next Time to NYC it will be for my brother’s wedding.  My Next Time focus is on (1) packing only what’s needed  (my suitcase was way too full last weekend), (2) with a prepared Toast, (3) and a Bridesmaid dress! Most of all, my Next Time is similar to my recent visit: sharing an open, loving and grateful attitude with everyone. My intention is clear. The promise is exciting. 
Wishing you many happy Next Times.