Slow Down You Move Too Fast…You’ve Got to Make the Morning Last
Perhaps Simon and Garfinkel witnessed traffic on the NYC 59th Street Bridge and wished for the frenetic energy to wane just a bit: “Slow Down (people); You Move To Fast (up and down the streets, seeing no one, always in a hurry, and today, eyes only on your phones); Slow Down You Move Too Fast.”
Instead, experience “being”, consciousness for what aligns with the moment. Pay attention to how thoughts and emotions inform decisions. Know that success can happen without obsessive striving. “Feeling Groovy” is living and working in “effortless flow” as meditation expert, Annemaree Crowley, espouses.
How is this even possible, you ask?   
Un-programmed time is difficult to claim. There are too many daily demands and we’re often inclined to fill schedules with more tasks, activities and social events. Just recently Friday night plans didn’t come to fruition and my evening was free. My mind raced with possibilities: clean the garage, cook meals, catch up with friends on the phone, read from the large stack of National Geographic magazines. The long list was my answer for how to Feel Groovy.  Really?  
Maybe “Feeling Groovy”, a supposed by-product of Slowing Down is a false pretense, an allusion. Can we truly Feel Groovy about ourselves and place in the world without obsessing about the doing? Let’s explore what Slowing Down might look like!
Slowing Down doesn’t mean boredom or non-doing. It’s about finding space to notice, experience what’s in front of us. It’s when we can connect with ourselves; when we lesson our striving; when we stop craving. When we’re content to experience our feelings and thoughts as they arise.  Slowing Down lets us access the wisdom and, frankly, smarts that we already possess to manage any situation. 
Pace. Slow Down You Move Too Fast. No wonder this refrain repeats itself in our heads. This is most likely true for most of us. Start with one item on your list, no more, and complete it. Enjoy fully immersing yourself instead of flitting from task to task.  
Immersion.  Eliminate as many distractions as possible from the environment. Remove interruptions like “pings” announcing the arrival of new texts. Clear your desk. Set a timer and specific minutes aside to create focused attention on a project. Even hide the dishes in the sink, if you must, or clean them and clear your mind.
Settle.  Meditate for a few minutes. Or, take three breaths: Breath #1-  bring attention to your breath; Breath #2 – relax with your breath throughout your body; Breath #3 – Ask yourself,  “What’s most important right now?” or “What is my intention for this time right now?”.
Although we might intend to bring full attention to a task, often we’re not 100% focused. According to research by Matt Killingsworth, “ we spend 49% of our time Mind Wandering…” Take heart. It’s not easy to live and work fully conscious all the time. Yet, we can begin at least with singing the song, “Slow Down We Move to Fast”, uncovering more and more moments. Slow Down and we’ll feel happier, confident and strong. Slow Down and we’ll Feel Groovy everywhere!