“As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow.” (A.C. Benson)

During the Covid pandemic our lives have slowed down considerably at least as travel is concerned. We’ve experienced a pilgrimage of sorts. Pilgrimages are “any long journey, especially one undertaken as a quest or for a votive purpose, as to pay homage” (Dictionary.com).  Pilgrimages illustrate how we combine the Inner and Outer journey with travel.  

There are many historic pilgrimages which occurred because of life and political events beyond one’s control:

*1846 – 70,000+ Mormons traveled from Nauvoo, Il to Salt Lake City, Utah (1300 miles) yearning for a safe place to follow their beliefs.

*1930 – Mahatma Gandhi marched 248 miles to the sea of Dandi in nonviolent protest against the British salt tax. 

*1963 – Over 250,000 peaceful protestors “March(ed) on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

*2020 – Global citizens forged new paths in Covid quarantine to find equilibrium and serve one another.  There’s nothing more sacred than planting your own self on solid ground regardless of circumstance. 

Congratulations! You’ve almost completed your 2020 Pilgrimage!

Not feeling celebratory? For the future my hope still is that we’ll garner perspective that highlights how the “Covid time”  benefited our lives versus hurt us. Although we can’t change loss or retrieve time gone by there is learning yet to be gleaned.

Here are three suggestions for uncovering what You Gave Voice To This Year.

A Huge Credit in the Bank

Take a moment and consider how life changed and the new paths you forged.  Give yourself credit.  Perhaps you had to learn a new skill (online learning/teaching, anyone?) Not easy to just switch gears.  Acknowledged skills learned. Give yourself credit. Adapting rocks!

Kindness for Loss

Life changed in so many ways. Loved ones gone. No more travel. No in-person celebrations or hands-on volunteering. The outside shut down and plans were cancelled. Offer yourself kindness, the warm gold-light type. Feed your soul with love. You deserve it.

Break Even 

Find your B/E point.  For most travel and hospitality businesses the “breakeven point” will not be possible this year. Yet strategic re-alignment and investment will prepare the industry for a robust future better than ever before. We’re very aware of the impact of “Under- Tourism” while forced to step away from “Over-tourism”.  A new balance can be achieved with increased sustainable practices between the destination and visitor. That’s way more impactful than a B/E proposition.

What seeds have you planted in 2020 that will enable growth and prosperity in the years to come? Think beyond your work. Consider time with Loved Ones, intentional outreach to those far away, learning a new skill, uncovering a hobby, and clarity about what matters most to you. Growing an internal compass assures that you’ll perform above any break even benchmark.

With gratitude, imagine grace in the future.  Our pilgrimages are our own with potential for earth-shaking outcomes. When you’re feeling ready to travel, let us help you identify and create your Life Dream journeys. Soon you’l have a chance to launch your own “pilgrimage” somewhere around the globe!

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