What are you celebrating? Unable to gather in large groups, perhaps, like me, you’ve lost track of celebration. Yet even when we don’t feel like raising a glass there are multiple reasons to do so. Completing a work day, connecting with a friend on a phone call and sitting down to dinner represent good fortune worthy of acknowledgement. 
In the recent past we celebrated a Milestone with a trip. My father, for example, was notorious for his birthday parties to far away destinations. All that was required to attend the birthday dinner was to travel to the destination, including Marbella, Spain, and Zurs, Austria! Similar to organizing a noteworthy celebration, when envisioning a significant trip, it was important to identify what mattered most: the Why leading to the Where, When and the With Whom.  
Life has become simpler these days and this, too, is a reason to celebrate. Although a trip will be possible in the future, what matters now is to acknowledge the small and big “Wins” present in our daily lives.  
Public speaker and author, Scott Friedman believes “Celebration is an attitude. It’s a lens through which we see the world.” How refreshing! Friedman suggests that we create a gratitude list and even sing about our first stressor of the day. Yes, turn stress into a spontaneous opportunity. Brilliant!  
How else might we fete the good occurring in our lives and around us?  Here are three suggestions as we Live As Travelers everyday.

1. Pause and notice

At the end of the day or really anytime reflect on the question, “What happened that was good today? What went well?”.  Life coach and Founder of DreamBuilders, Rusty Gaillard, suggests taking a simple walk around the block as a way to quietly enjoy an accomplishment. Pause and notice. 

2. Go for the physical

If you’re “game”, raise a fist in victory or jump up and down and cheer loudly. High five to the universe! Holler and shout “Hip Hip Hooray”! Why not?

3. Get Old Fashioned

Send a note to someone congratulating them, celebrating their birthday, showing thanks. Write more than the two words, “Happy Birthday”! Share what you admire about that special person or why you’re thankful for the relationship. Since we don’t often use Snail Mail, receiving a letter will feel authentic.  

As 2020 heads toward the Fourth Quarter, the creator of “The Strategic Coach”, Dan Sullivan recommends to “measure the gain, not just the goal.”* Yes, progress. Look back at how far you’ve come this year and give yourself credit. It hasn’t been an easeful year!
To celebrate we must be willing to be kind to ourselves. We deserve to be celebrated. What will you celebrate next?
*Thank you Tobin Slaven, Co-Founder at BookOfExperts.com for reminding me about Dan Sullivan