When you love a place so much, stop and notice. Let the feelings fully penetrate your body and mind. Relish the ease of knowing that you’ve arrived. Recently as I exited the airplane into the fresh Jackson Hole air, my heart burst. Tears began to fall. Gratitude and sadness mixed intensely into an emotional concoction. While breathing deeply, I glanced at the majestic Tetons, letting their beauty impact my senses. Take in this place commanded my mind. Relax, breath and relish every moment. You’ve re-arrived. Where might you like to re-arrive? Or where are those special destinations that call to you?
“Go To” places are also in our own backyard: a reading chair in the warm morning light, a quiet neighborhood walk underneath a canopy of trees, a favorite coffee shop. Sometimes, especially where we live, we normalize the environs, letting the edges curl up away from us, narrowing our view. Consider your local “Go To’s”?  Have you enjoyed them lately?  
When we love a place so much we feel enlivened and at peace, affirmed and reassured that the world is good. It could
be a cushion perhaps where you settle the mind and sit with what you know to be true. Or a breath, taken deliberately
in between phone calls, while waiting for a red light, during a busy day. The breath is the place, allowing you to center yourself and become present to current internal and external circumstances.
When you love a place so much, stop and look around. Really look. Take in as much as you can with your eyes. Feel awe with your surroundings. Look left, look right. Notice. Experience the place as if for the first time. Stop. Pause. Wonder. Feel. And listen well. Be still and notice what arises.  
When you love a place so much, revel in it. Make a list of how to enjoy where you are. Feel grateful and say thank you all the time, to as many people and experiences that you can thank. You never know when you’ll be back and even then the experience won’t be the same. Remind yourself about what you love about the place and feel contentment.   
When you love a place so much, smile. Be where you are, content, settled, loved and safe. Even if it’s a favorite chair, in your home, savor the feeling of comfort. 
Maybe you don’t get to these places very often or you’ll only travel to this location one time. It’s ok. The place is in you and you are in it and that will always be.