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Leaving home feels so different than returning.  Both have challenges and rewards.  There’s nothing normal about the day right before leaving or conversely the last day of a trip. Our minds begin to anticipate the change. Sleep is restless. Emotions are mixed. Caught unawares, we’re readying ourselves for a transition. Life is about to be disrupted.
How many times have we said “next time, we’ll plan ahead? We’ll allow more time for going through airport security.  As packing extends into the early morning hours, we don’t let ourselves indulge in what’s to come. No, stay focused! Get packed! Ugh! When finally in the airline seat, we indulge in the sweet thought, “we’re going on vacation”.  Anticipation seaps into our spirits.
Then there’s the Return.  After arriving home from a vacation, we sometimes need another time away! On the last day we squeeze in as many activities as possible. Our luggage feels heavier and carry-ons brim with stuff. Airport food especially has no appeal.  We just want to get home.
Going and Coming are fraught with transition and, for most of us, create stress and anxiety. Disruption is inherent when making a change, including Goings and Comings, Hello and Goodbye, Starting New, Leaving Old, Traveling in daily life or away. Many of our feelings are involuntary. Emotions arise suddenly. Logistics demand extra time. There’s just stuff that we need to get done. We have little choice about our schedule…the time is now so we navigate the uncertain path to the best of our ability.
How might we manage disruption inherent with Going and Coming?
  • Recognize that you’re in transition.  Be kind, Be gentle, Have patience.
  • Do as much as you can to manage and tend to the many demands yet be realistic. Decide on one or two “Must Do’s” and then explore what you can let go of and or whether a task can be delegated. There’s no reason to be superhuman.  Life will go forward at home, at your last job, after saying goodbye, without you.  Just do your best in the moments you have.
  • You will arrive!
  • Be grateful for the experience of the good with the bad, the Going and the Coming are all part of the experience.
  • Notice.  When arriving home from Madrid recently, we were struck by how quiet our house seemed.  Stunningly still. Had our surroundings been loud when away?  Apparently so.
Although changing routines challenges us, difficulties are part of the trip, an extension of our adventure.  After we’ve departed or returned, in the end, we’ll remember the bliss and happy memories from time away.

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