Last week I showed up at the wrong party! My mistake led me to the Governor’s Mansion! Although beautifully decorated, as I wandered around the room, not far from shaking hands with Governor Hickenlooper, it became clear that none of the guests looked familiar. What party was this?

My calendar had confused dates for the Colorado Women’s Chamber’s (CCWC) 30th Anniversary Celebration with a “Holiday Kick-Off” for government officials. My event was the following week.

Sometimes we mix up our calendars…we miss events…we forget to RSVP. Yes, jumbles happen.

What do we say to our hosts when we “go to the wrong mansion”?

1. If you missed the event, reach out to the host and apologize. “Call it in” even so that you can connect with your voice to the friend or acquaintance who invited you! Best not to take any kindness for granted. It’s always nice to have been invited.

Since it’s rare these days to hear another’s voice, a thoughtful call will be remembered and appreciated. A text and or email work, too, of course. You might say:

I’m so sorry to have missed your gathering. Thank you for inviting me. I had a mix-up with my calendar… Please accept my apologies and thank you again for including me. How did it go? ….What are you looking forward to this holiday?…What’s keeping you busy at work/at home these days?…

2. When we’re over-committed it becomes even more important to be vigilant about the calendar. Just a little bit more studying the night before, of what the following day holds, will eliminate unnecessary stress. Before closing your laptop or after diner is done, review the next day’s schedule.

3. If there’s actually very little on your calendar and life feels lonely during what outwardly appears to be a very busy time, check in with this month’s plans. It’s important to have something to look forward to.  Make it happen!  Relish the time you have for your own activities. Decide who you might enjoy seeing or if there’s an organization that needs volunteers.

Attitude is everything. What amazed me about my recent mix up was the friendliness of party guests. It seemed most people were expecting a happy time. Conversation, therefore, was bubbly in the room full of total strangers.

At A Table In Time and Globe Getaways we connect people through conversation and or travel, across the table, around the world. During December, as you journey to your next social event, pay attention to invitation details so you don’t miss out. There’s a world inside each of us waiting to be discovered, acknowledged and shared. Enjoy the interactions, even if you don’t end up at a mansion!


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