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Drummers hollered, women sang and most sat on chairs in a semicircle. Will someone else join in? Dancing  was not a solo act! Risking vulnerability, we, American and Namibian women, moved together, our attention on one another. 

Moving together created a bond…a benefit of traveling with others.

Everyone you meet has a story. Often you don’t know much. The pure joy of experiencing something new and memorable is magnified by all of those stories whether you’re aware of them or not.

In a shared experience we enjoyed each other’s energy, taking nothing for granted. Making toasts, chatting around the table, looking at the view …Gratitude continually surged in our bodies, amplified by the simpler existence of the people we met.

Together without saying anything to one another we felt the miracle of our surroundings, travel, life, beauty, relationships, a fresh perspective…a benefit of traveling with others.  

Half of our group were travelers from New York. Their enthusiasm created a gravitational pull. They had multiple reasons for traveling to Africa, to celebrate big birthdays, anniversaries, health and accomplishments.

Enjoying milestones alongside dear friends on a never-to-be-forgotten journey is the best idea! What shared memories…a benefit of traveling with others.

As travelers we’re always in relationship with the people we meet, in and out of a group, at that moment in time. The friendship is right then on boats, jeeps, around the table, on a sundowner, witnessing the splendor…

Global citizenry, aka, friendship, exists also with: 

~The Namibian women who invite us to dance;

~The bartender who shares about swimming in the Chobe River before crocodiles arrived back on the scene;;

~Safari drivers who relish sharing their knowledge, proud of the beautiful  landscape;

~The tour director who reads various pieces of literature striving to augment our understanding;

~Passionate Rovos Rail servers enthusiastically pouring and feeding us delicious fare as the train wanders along;

~Chap chap drivers offering big smiles while transporting us throughout Nairobi at very slow speeds…

Most likely paths won’t cross again. Although sad to consider the fleeting nature of so many interactions, there’s great joy uncovering the richness of humanity. 

There are no strangers in this world, only friends (we) haven’t met yet.” (-anonymous)

Yes, the sites, sounds, wildlife and topography were all stunning in the five African countries we visited. And, yes, the brief interactions impacted us too…

Relational Perspective, another benefit of travel. 

The next time you travel, consider a shared experiencea and multiply the joy!

At Spirit Road Travel we seek out partners who know how to seamlessly create and deliver an itinerary for the individual and a small group. We curate community and lifelong memories through travel.

On the road do we give to others as much as those we meet?  

Connect with us about your next adventure HERE.

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