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So much of the world (and my clients) are traveling. Over the recent Memorial Day Weekend more than 42 million Americans “took to the skies”*. Yeah! They made their lives happen. 

Last April we leapt to Valencia, Spain. I’d like to say that the month was more my husband’s “Big” journey than mine. That wouldn’t be true.  Between work and exploring the city with a sweet cohort of young people, we enrolled in a language school. You wouldn’t believe the negative high school voices that appeared, telling me, “you stink” at learning a language. True story. We leapt anyway.

For some there are delays around doing what you really want. Obstacles smolder and take on a life of their own. Suddenly a window begins to close. Feel a little bit of fear?  

I don’t mean to scare you. In fact life is perfect exactly how it is. Yet even I feel life’s changes accelerating, like an uncontrolled meteor hurtling through space. Feeling a sense of urgency? Forgive me. I’m just giving you some good information for reflection.  

Obstacles are similar to boulders in a stream. Just as the water will continue to flow around and through impediments, we, too, need to navigate onward towards an opening. All is ok.  We’ll make our way.  

Why not give yourself permission to consider the openings, the “what else do you want in this life, right now?” ideas. Now is the time for you.  Why wouldn’t it be?       

My guess is that travel is still a priority. IT IS TIME then to take that Big Trip- the one, and then two, three… to leap! “Big” is personal. Travel to satiate what you crave.

Please know that you’re not alone. Connect with me anytime. This is “a topic” for me and “I’m good” having a conversation. 

There will be many distractions. Egos and other people will tell you how the trip should be. Don’t worry! If you’re working with Spirit Road Travel, we’ll keep you on your track. 

How to Leap?  Here are Three Tips:

  • Stop and notice how you feel when imagining your trip (or decision or change).  Your body tells you so much whether it’s experiencing “butterflies”, certainty, or ease.
  • Analyze without becoming too cerebral. Gather the information you need for making a decision. Figure out cost and benefits, pros and cons etc… Information is necessary for any decision.
  • Set boundaries. Say “No” to what you don’t want and don’t feel guilty about it. Setting boundaries means you’ll be able to open up time on your calendar, during your day, to imagine a life-changing trip.   

Spirit Road Travel is right alongside making your”big” happen, aligning the inner journey with the outer.

 NOW is the time to Take your Leap.

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