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My body wasn’t happy. It voraciously gobbled Cold Snap. A severe flu landed a family member in a Portuguese hospital. Departure to the States was delayed. Flights changed. Claims submitted to the insurance company. 

And then… we finally arrived back in Denver! Upon homecoming, senses were heightened, as if visiting the Rocky Mountains for the first time.

Despite a messy head of hair, it was good to be home. Trees tentatively bloomed. The Colorado air felt fresh. After beautiful weather in Valencia, a second spring was unfolding!

Hi, South Platte, Denver!  We like our neighborhood. Noted.

Our house is clean. Memories flash back to late-night packing and picking up before departure. An appreciation for a sense of order. Noted.

Must See our Labradoodle, Louis. Missed him so much. Noted.

So far so good. Holding off illness. Prioritize a slow re-entry and self-care. Noted. Acupuncture and chiropractic appointments scheduled.

Already the time away and destination feels very far. Spanish fluency is rapidly disappearing. Noted.

If not careful you’ll settle into a familiar routine and ignore the benefits of travel. Please note.

Whether you’re returning from a weekend away or a longer trip, home feels a little strange when first arriving. You are different. As we look back, questions surface. We understand the impact and benefits from a trip when paying attention, especially to the arrival. 

Here are Seven Questions to sharpen your awareness and harvest insights (you might even journal five minutes a day for a week):

  • I’m thankful for…
  • What excites me about being home is…
  • What I learned from being away…
  • I’ll never forget…
  • I’ll bring forward with me now…
  • What I’ll leave behind is…
  • Right now my life is about…

In Valencia we biked everyday.  It was our main mode of transportation. This movement is missed. Walking my dog every morning will be my daily “morning movement” now.

Regardless of the late hour, we often gathered with new friends on the rooftop. Life was prioritized before and after the workday. Although in the U.S. social gatherings are earlier and less impromptu, we feel committed to living first and working concurrently. Scheduling Social is on my mind.

Denver has so much to offer. Have we fully explored are “home city”?  Not enough. Excited to be here. Excited to Live As A Traveler On The Spirit Road!  

Reach out to us at Spirit Road Travel for your next adventure. Every travel opportunity is big!

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