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Service was abysmal and the costs were very high.

Later you find out that four servers didn’t show-up for work that day.

Thankfully the experience with friends and family was still amazing, perfect actually: the views, the joy of being together, cruising on the water, up-close with Lady Liberty. All was memorable!

Do you complain? 

We all know that the travel and hospitality industry is struggling to keep up with huge demand and meet customer expectations. 

According to a recent survey by the luxury travel marketing group, Virtuoso, we also know that “76 percent of travelers have accepted that we’re living in a “new normal,” as uncertainty remains a constant in today’s travel landscape…” 

We complain when…

According to Elizabeth Scott, PhD, author of “How and Why You Should Stop Complaining”,

“Complaining is a natural part of human communication. It is often a response to problems or a way to communicate dissatisfaction. Sometimes, however, people might find themselves wondering if they complain too much.”

When do travelers complain? 

According to Ashley Frassinelli of “Issuetrak” the most common customer complaints about air travel include:

  1. Delays and Cancellations
  2. Uncomfortable Seats
  3. Lost Baggage
  4. Poor Service
  5. Maintenance Issues

For hotels, customers reach back about dirty rooms, loud neighbors, lack of complimentary supplies, poor service, unexpected fees and hotel rules.

Most of us, however, do not complain! 

We find ways to sort through an aggravation. The effort and negativity are not worth the return. We see through the trees!

Blue sky amidst the aspen tress

As “travelers”, when stuff happens, we are resilient. 

Take note: stuff happens at home and away. As we Travel Our Life resiliency and flexibility are traits we can build. (if you want check out my recent article on how to cultivate resilience).

When delving deeper into those complaints screaming in our head, there’s so much opportunity for learning about ourselves and discerning the truth. 

Not feeling it?

Think back to a recent moment when you became upset about something on a trip or in your daily life.

If you feel that you complain more often than not consider the following …

Often our complaining is a First World problem. 

Our emotions have caused Perspective to be tossed-out the window. This isn’t to say that feelings aren’t valid. It’s important to acknowledge your frustration, aka, be with the feelings for a little bit. Tough feelings inform us. Then, activate your cognitive function! Discern what’s happening and decide how to act that better aligns with a better self. 

There’s a social component. 

Sometimes it’s all about how other people are reacting! We absorb some one else’s anxiety and expectations about an experience and feel the need to take action- even when the feeling doesn’t resonate. Make sure to shield yourself from the sometimes reactive frenzy of individuals!

Stay present.

(What is this? Einstein in Nature)

When in a difficult situation (a long security line, for example, or a cancelled flight) remind yourself what matters most. Ask yourself: “How do I want to show-up?” Most likely when you quiet the noise in your head, you’ll better be able to discern what’s working well and what needs to change. Not everything is terrible!

Be curious.

(Look Around!)

Take a big breath and ask yourself, “What’s happening right now?”…”What’s really happening…” Be curious and kind. We all vent sometimes. Although a habit worth improving, give yourself a break and just take a look. Curiosity does not kill the cat. Cultivate a “desire to know”, an“inquisitive interest”. 

Notice and Choose.

Notice where you are and who you’re with. Revel in what’s available even in challenging circumstances. Decide to feel amazed remembering that the intent of others is positive. Stay open to how a situation might improve and believe in the possible.

WE CAN train ourselves to Live As Travelers everyday: open to new perspectives, present, curious, self-aware, and resilient.

(On the bike after recovering from a knee Injury. Did I want to complain? Yes. The recovery required patience. Instead I focused on having a GREAT knee in the future!)

Btw if you’ve planned your journey with Spirit Road Travel please know that we have your back if something goes wrong. 

We help you understand the Inner and Outer Journey and Live Your Travel Dreams!

THANK YOU to @OmarPrestwich from #Unsplash for the featured photo.

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