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My right calf muscle screamed spasms. I stepped gently, yearning for a small glide up the steep snow-packed trail. If there was any sound it was from a Spring thaw, a slight crunch with each movement and an occasional whispering breeze. Thankfully the yellow skins stuck to the earth. Spider Women didn’t have anything on me. 

Work-out? Check! In beautiful wilderness? Check. A quiet mind? Not so much but enough to send healing thoughts out to the world with each breath, especially to the Ukrainians. Meditative? Check. “Ease”. “Strength”. “Joy”? No, the trek was strenuous. I started to repeat these words rhythmically in my mind.

Yes, a new skiing activity worked for me. Using All-Terrain gear was a First. Although the trail was a little too rigorous, it didn’t matter. We were doing something new and Something New felt invigorating.  

“Skinning” on AT gear up to Edelweis Bowl, near Jackson Hole, WY

When is the last time you “traveled” somewhere in life for the first time?

Travel offers so much NEW. A trip touches all the senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, auditory.  Our mind forms new connections. Creative ideas “pop in”.  So much seems possible. How we approach life changes. Our psyche shifts from negative to positive. We find commonality with people culturally different than ourselves.

Whether we travel in our everyday lives or on a journey far away there is always Something New to appreciate. 

Admittedly trying Something New has its challenges. It took my forever to figure out how to step into the All Terrain ski bindings, two tiny holes needing to align perfectly with two small pegs! We took our skies off three times to add the climbing “skins”, on and off, on and off, on and off. Each time I had to stand on one foot way too long until the bindings finally clicked into place. Heavy ski boots don’t work well for a yoga-like pose!  

Don’t be deterred, ever! Here are Three Tips for Tackling New Endeavors:

  1. Mantra Against Fear

Our cognitive abilities can help us overcome fears. When feeling afraid decide on one or two or even three words to focus on while involved in the activity. Remember that those negative thoughts do not represent what’s possible in any given moment. Those thoughts are a mental construct. You can find your own truth.

Ease, joy and strength…those three words inspired me to keep climbing despite some physical resistance. Ease, joy and strength apply to my life, too.  What’s your mantra for traveling life’s challenges?

2. “All In” As Your Best Self

We had done our homework and chosen a trail with low avalanche risk. The gear was appropriate for the exercise. The weather was calm and warmer than normal. The only additional preparation needed was a commitment to the experience regardless of whether we liked it or not. This translates to showing up as our best selves. 

My son repeatedly waited for us, slowing his pace.  He reached down and helped me with my bindings, not easy for a young man who is over six-feet tall. We encouraged one another especially when making 180 degree turns with the risk of heading downhill backwards! We’re were “all in” with ourselves and one another.

3. Energy Shift

Sometimes we just don’t feel motivated. Comfortable doing what we’re doing, we don’t feel compelled to push. Life is good so why bother disrupting it! 

Apathy is a low energy. If feeling lazy…breathe, be kind to yourself (“it’s ok if I’m super slow and need to stop”) and bring attention to your heart. What are you noticing?

Remember that you decide your capabilities: “Self-confidence is the ‘courage to be open- to welcome change and new ideas regardless of their source’.” (Carol S. Dweck, author of Mindset)  

Our success is about pushing ourselves outside of boundaries with compassion…it’s how we become smarter and grow!

As the world opens, many of our prior experiences, even a visit to our favorite neighborhood brewery, feel fresh. Let the New flow back into our lives and or seek it out.  

As a Traveler in Life we continually seek growth so as to actualize our uniqueness and contribute to this beautiful earth as long as we’re here. Wishing you lots of Something New in your life travels!

My heart is with the
Ukrainian people

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