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Even if it’s looking at the biggest most beautiful tree in the world that happens to be in your backyard or watching a stunning sunset from a rooftop deck of your apartment building, we often wish to be some place else, anywhere than where we are. We don’t notice the Delights!
Ross Gay, author of “The Book of Delights” and co-founder of The Tenderness Project defines the word, Delight, as “praising of the mysterious and tender touchings we are so often in the midst of.”  With so many distractions in our world, we can often  miss what we’re “in the midst of”.  In The Midst Of, Being Here, requires focusing our attention.
Not too long ago being sick for a few days at home gave me a retreat of sorts. Although work projects were never far from my mind, I tried to fully bring my attention to where I was, at home. This took some discipline. Looking at email gave me anxiety. Talking on the phone drained energy. Checking Social Media felt like a distraction even when there was nothing else to do. My mind and body needed to rest. Normal activities were out of reach. I could either yearn for what wasn’t possible or fully embrace Being Here.
Being Here meant sitting in a soft chair with a cozy blanket and suddenly noticing that the dogs were lying next to me, as if attentive to my ill health; Listening to neighborhood noises outside on my patio, the “ goings and comings” of school kids or a garbage truck or nothing at all except the sound of a slight breeze; Slowly preparing and eating my meals like a Slow Food ninja; Meditating multiple times, napping, staying in my pj’s and experiencing my house’s silence. In the end, it was my intuition that helped map out the day.
What is it like to Be Here? How do our bodies settle into a place? To recover my health I needed answers to these questions. To enjoy our life we always need to know how to land. 
Here are some suggestions for fully arriving: 
  • Embrace the mental attitude that you’re exactly where you’re suppose to be.
  • Slow way down. There’s no place better than where you are so take your time. Walk slowly. Every time you enter a room, take a few moments to look around. 
  • De-construct. Despite creating some structure for Daily Living tasks refrain from making a “To Do” list. Trust your intuition. 
  • Use the breath as an anchor. Take multiple breaths throughout the day. Whenever you move around a little or find a new view or start an activity, take three breaths. Consider meditating every hour. Focused attention on your breath brings you right to the present, right to your surroundings.  
Krista Tippet in a recent “On Being” interview asked: “There is a question floating around the world right now: ‘How can we be joyful in a moment like this?” Writer Ross Gay responded: “How can we not be joyful, especially in a moment like this?” Being Here gives us our joy.
What is it like to be here? Only you can find out.